How Hilary Swank Just Helped A Complete Stranger Find Her Lost Dog

Hilary Swank just carried out a very kind deed for a stranger in need. Swank has a history of loving animals, as she told The Bark in 2014 that she's "always had a special place in [her] heart for all animals, but dogs especially." In 2019, Swank opened up to Parade about her charity, Hilaroo, which was named in part to honor one of her previous pets. "It's my name and my late dog Karoo's name put together, and it brings kids who have been given up on and animals who have been abandoned together to help heal each other," Swank said of the organization.

The Hilaroo website features a photo Swank holding Karoo. The site details that Swank met her late pet while hopping over a fence as she was filming a movie in South Africa. She found Karoo near the fence, took the dog to the vet to receive care, and brought Karoo home with her at the end of the film shoot. "This dog made me think bigger and live in more joy," Swank said of the experience. 

Now, the "Boys Don't Cry" star is spreading her dog-fueled joy, as the illustrious actor recently helped a fellow animal lover find their beloved lost pet.

Hilary Swank personally returned a missing dog to its owner

A missing dog in Albany, New York, was recently safely returned to its owner, thanks in large part to Hilary Swank. Per the Times Union, Chelsea Blackwell lost her pet of 15 years, Blue, on June 6. She then went on a search to find Blue and pulled over when she saw police vehicles and people carrying cameras near a New York bus station. Blackwell asked if anyone had seen Blue, to which they said yes and called the person who had the dog. The camerapeople told Blackwell a celebrity had found Blue — who turned out to be none other than Swank. An hour later, a car arrived carrying Blue, who was sitting in Swank's lap. "I was like, 'No way,'" Blackwell said. "As soon as she got out of the car, I kissed Blue and said, 'Thank you so much.'"

After Blackwell asked the "Million Dollar Baby" star for an autograph, Swank kindly offered to take a picture with her. As someone who is a dog parent herself, Swank can likely relate to Blackwell's love for her pet. The actor often shares photos of her animals on social media, including an Instagram post from April 4 that shows Swank posing with her dogs. "Happy Easter, from our family to yours!" she wrote. Aside from being a very talented performer, Swank deserves recognition for her exceptional generosity offscreen.