Ed Helms Gets Candid On Whether There Will Be A The Office Reunion

If possible, "The Office" may have grown in popularity since it originally aired. Thanks to its former home on Netflix (now available on Peacock), the mockumentary sitcom has gained a whole new audience of Gen Z streamers who were too young to watch during the show's initial run, including singerĀ Billie Eilish, who sampled audio from an "Office" episode for a song and once told Elle that binge-watching it was "like therapy." The show's stars have also felt its effects, releasing successful books and podcasts capitalizing on the "Office" renaissance of the past few years. In 2021, Brian Baumgartner, who plays Kevin Malone, became the top earner on Cameo, a celebrity shoutout platform. Given the site's star-studded roster, that's no small feat.

Of course, all of this renewed interest in "The Office" has begged one major question: will there be a reunion? Or better yet, a revival? Cast reunions are all the rage lately, from "Friends" to "Harry Potter," and it would be great timing. Seeing the Dunder-Mifflin staff working together once again as their characters or even themselves would be a dream come true for fans. While many have kept in touch, such as Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, who host the "Office Ladies" podcast together, they haven't all been in one place in quite some time. On June 15, "Office" star Ed Helms finally opened up about a potential reunion.

Ed Helms may break Office fans' hearts

Unfortunately for fans of "The Office," Ed Helms has confirmed there's no planned reunion in sight. During a June 15 appearance on "The View," the panel asked him about the possibility to much disappointment.

Getting fans' hopes up for a few seconds with his phrasing, Helms ultimately shot down the proposal, saying "Ladies and gentlemen, breaking news: there is no 'Office' reunion. At least not that I know of." Given the importance of his character, Andy Bernard, it's highly likely he would know about such a reunion if it were happening. However, Helms didn't say he was against participating in one, just that there were no current plans for it. When asked if he's heard of any reunion rumblings from his co-stars, Helms said, "We're all in a text chain, a lot of us actually from the show, and it doesn't come up very often. It was a thing, it had its life, and maybe somebody's working on it behind the scenes, but I haven't heard it." That isn't great news, but it's good to know that most of the cast is still in contact.

Nevertheless, an eventual full cast reunion of "The Office" seems inevitable, someday in the future. Maybe they'll wait for an anniversary year, as reunions often do. The recent "Harry Potter" cast reunion commemorated the franchise's 20th anniversary, and the "Friends" cast sat down together. Given "The Office" cast's friendly terms, maybe it's just a matter of time.