Joe Exotic's Love Life Just Took A Sad Turn

Joe Exotic became incredibly popular when the Netflix original series "Tiger King" was released in March 2020 just as the global pandemic took off. The series revolved around Exotic's life, including an alleged murder-for-hire case, and his zoo, The Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, according to USA Today. One aspect that the show followed was Exotic's love life. The former zookeeper is currently serving a 22-year prison sentence, but that is not stopping him from keeping romance alive. It was unclear if Exotic was still linked to his fourth husband, Dillon Passage, after the series aired and controversy surrounded the Netflix star. However, things between the duo were still going strong in April 2020, according to Variety.

Passage told the outlet, "We are still married. I wasn't just going to abandon him when he needed help because he was there for me. I felt it was only right to stand by him and not judge him for the circumstance because I understood his relationship with Carole."

However, things took a turn last March when Dillon told Exotic he was leaving him and wanted a divorce, according to TMZ. The pair was reportedly still on good terms after the split and just a few months later, Dillon announced that he had a new boyfriend named John who he introduced to the world on Instagram. Exotic was on the prowl for a new man as well — but just when he thought he found "the one," everything changed.

Joe Exotic experiences another heartbreak

Joe Exotic may be serving a lengthy prison sentence, but he hasn't given up on finding love. The "Tiger King" star revealed in a letter sent from prison, obtained by TMZ, that he was in love with a fellow inmate John Graham, who he planned to marry. In April, Exotic told TMZ that Graham genuinely loves him for the right reasons. However, their love didn't last after Graham was released from prison. TMZ just broke the news that the pair have now broken up due to what appears to be distance. However, the "Tiger King" star is keeping his spirits up and continues to speak highly of Graham. Exotic was eager to finalize his divorce with Dillon Passage in order to move forward with Graham.

In a letter obtained by People in April, Exotic wrote, "As soon as Dillon signs the divorce and it's final ... John and I want to get legally married right away even if he has to come here (to prison)." Exotic continued, "When I get home John's dream is to marry me in an ancient forest, like in [Washington] or [Oregon], and [have it] only be with his family."

Things recently took a turn for the worse and led to the pair splitting up, but Exotic seems to be giving love another try. In fact, according to Daily Mail, he is now exploring a romance with ex-boyfriend Seth Posey, who he has never met in person, for a second time.