Joe Jonas Gets Candid About Diplo Spoiling His Secret Wedding With Sophie Turner

When Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner announced their engagement, the couple was quick to share the milestone on Instagram. But after that, Jonas and Turner opted for a more private approach to their relationship. The two don't exactly go out of their way to hide the details of their shared life, but they are conscious about what they put out there. "You wanna be really protective over how much you wanna share in your personal life," Jonas told Entertainment Tonight in April. As an artist, his work already requires him to express personal feelings — which he feels that's plenty. He noted, "[Music is] where I'm personal and honest as I can be."

Their desire for privacy was evident when it came to making their union official as well. Instead of planning an extravagant wedding, they secretly eloped in Las Vegas on May 1, 2019, after the Billboard Music Awards, Entertainment Tonight reported. Well, it was supposed to be secret, anyway. DJ by the name of Diplo live-streamed the nuptials on his Instagram. He captioned the video, "Gonna hit up this wedding real quick."

Jonas and Turner went on to have a bigger celebration in France a month later, which was once again shrouded in secrecy. This time around, the bride and the groom ensured Diplo stayed away from social media. "They took my phone from me and put in a holding cell during the ceremony," he wrote on Instagram. Nearly three years later, Jonas is opening up about how he feels regarding Diplo's trustworthiness.

Joe Jonas was angry at Diplo but holds no grudge

Joe Jonas is sharing his truth: He was mad at Diplo for live-streaming what was supposed to be his secret and private wedding to Sophie Turner, he revealed on Vanity Fair's lie detector test. But the hard feelings are buried in the past. Can Diplo be trusted? "With weddings, probably not. In general? I think he can be trusted, so yes," he said, showing the whole thing didn't make too deep of a dent in their friendship. Jonas didn't stay angry at Diplo for long after the nuptials. 

Later the same month he got married, Jonas said on the U.K. radio show "Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp" that he had indeed been upset. "[Diplo] did ruin it," he revealed. "I love Diplo, but he loves his 'gram more than a 13-year-old. He, like, posts every five seconds. He literally live streamed with dog face filters." But he and Turner were able to laugh about it. "We thought it was ridiculous, and I just love that he was walking into the chapel and he was like, 'Going to hit this wedding real quick.'"

Diplo did feel bad about it in hindsight. In the music video for his song "Lonely," released in September 2019, the DJ apologized to Jonas, Harper's Bazaar reported. In a text-message exchange, Diplo wrote, "Hey Joe ... Sorry for streaming the most important day of your life that you intended to keep private. Hope we can move past this."