Strange facts about Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's relationship

What the what? Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner announced their engagement in October 2017 with synchronized Instagram posts. In a dimly lit photo that put her gigantic engagement ring on full display, her hand rested on top of the DNCE frontman's hand. Turner's caption read: "I said yes," while Jonas' caption said: "She said yes." Aww.

It was a time to celebrate, indeed, but they instantly broke the hearts of Camp Rock shippers everywhere, while simultaneously shocking the world. Don't get us wrong, we were happy for them, but the "Cake by the Ocean" singer and the Game of Thrones starlet's romance has been a bit odd from the beginning. And it reached a climax of curiousness when wedding bells rang at their wacky (and dare we say somewhat tacky?) Las Vegas wedding. We'll get to that in a bit as we share even more strange facts about Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's relationship.

They didn't date for that long

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were first linked after attending a Halloween party in 2016. The singer showed up dressed as a dalmatian, while his love interest sported some "pink sequined bunny ears," according to People magazine. Less than a week later, they were spotted looking very comfortable at a pre-MTV Europe Music Awards event in the Netherlands, where Kings of Leon performed. A super-sleuthing concertgoer by the name of Anne Charlotte told the publication, "I didn't look very often because I was seated more in front of the room. The two or three times I was watching they were kissing. She was all smiley and he looked really sweet." Thanks for the intel, Anne!

Their appearance at the MTV shindig came less than a year before their engagement. Of course, they may have been low-key dating before they were seen together publicly, but even so, that's not a long get-to-know-you period when making a lifelong commitment.

She's much younger

Joe Jonas was 28-years-old when he popped the question to a 21-year-old Sophie Turner. Some think that age difference isn't such a big deal, including an insider who told Us Weekly, "They are madly in love. She's young but mature and comes from a small English town, so it's not that out of the ordinary and age doesn't create an issue." Another source — who was dying to convince us that age ain't nothing but a number — told People, "She's young but is beyond her years and is crazy, crazy mature. He's never been like this with a girl." 

Jonas has dated women a few years younger than him, such as supermodel Gigi Hadid, and he even dated an older woman in the past. Okay, not really, but his ex, Taylor Swift, is a whopping four months his senior. Regardless, he has chosen to settle down with his much-younger bride. Despite how uncomfortable their age gap may make some of us feel, it's no biggie for these lovebirds.

It was love at first sight

Both Turner and Jonas were reportedly smitten on sight. An insider told Page Six, "He's telling friends there's something different with her, and he knew it as soon as they met." A source told Hollywood Life that Turner felt the same: "Sophie knew Joe was the one the moment they met. She has never been more in love and she thinks she is the luckiest girl in the world. Sophie feels that Joe is the complete package, he is sexy, smart, funny, handsome, talented and successful. Sophie loves his amazing family too and she can't believe she will forever be a part of the Jonas clan."

Despite their magnetic attraction, Turner supposedly had no idea Jonas planned on proposing when he did. "Sophie was totally surprised," a source told Us Weekly. "Joe is a romantic. He is really so in love with Sophie and she's so in love with him."

They're big into PDA, but claim to want privacy

Turner and Jonas can't seem to keep their paws off of one another, whether it's getting cozy at an awards show or at a Kings of Leon concert…or during a shopping trip. Page Six reported that in May 2017, the couple went into a dressing room together in a Soho boutique. "They were both in workout gear, and she was trying clothes on for him in the dressing room," a witness said. "Every now and then they would get giggly and touchy, and he would disappear into her dressing room for a few minutes at a time. People in the store saw. They were all over each other."

In case you had any doubt about their bedroom chemistry, in April 2017, Turner was spotted with "Joe gives me da good good" written on her hand. Subtle.

That said, Turner insists she wants to keep her romance under wraps. She told InStyle in May 2017 that she prefers "to keep things pretty private." She noted that dated someone else in the industry has its perks. "You realize that you're not going to see each other all the time, and you don't feel like a jerk when you're like, 'My publicist says I can't do this…'"

She's rich, and he 'totally digs it'

A source told Page Six that part of the reason Joe Jonas was so smitten with Sophie Turner when they first started dating boiled down to finances. Apparently, Jonas was pumped that Turner "had her own money."

"He loves her because she won't let him pay for her all the time, which is so rare in girls he meets," an insider said. "She insists on paying her own way for flights when he asks her to come see him and offers to pay. Plus, he thinks she's so smart and sexy." Another source concurred to Us Weekly: "Joe likes that Sophie is super independent. She will buy him drinks. He totally digs it!"  A woman who's not opposed to footing the bill is totally cool and all, but we just know there are some women — including going-dutch detractor and reality star Jesse James Decker — who are cringing at the mere thought of Turner opening up her wallet while on a date with the uber-successful Jonas. Regardless, this dynamic seems to work for them.

He played the field before settling down

When Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas initially got together, he may have had all the leverage. A source told People in November 2016, "She's always been into him, but he's starting to like her more and more… [Turner] has had a crush on Joe for a while, but Joe isn't going to be a one-woman guy right now."

By December 2016, Jonas had apparently changed his tune. "[Jonas] thinks she's a cool girl," a source dished to People. "…They're dating exclusively. He was playing the field, but he really likes her and is willing to settle down for her." By June 2017, an insider told People, "Joe is taking this relationship very seriously. She's different from other girls he has dated … She's the female equivalent of him and his family loves her too."

"He was such a dater before her but their relationship was much different from the start," yet another source told People. "She was just the one for him."

Getting flirty with other people is NBD

Sophie Turner didn't have to worry about being accepted by the Jonas clan. After getting engaged to Joe Jonas in October 2017, the singer's dad, Kevin Jonas Sr., gave his seal of approval, telling People magazine, "We're a blessed family to have her as our future daughter-in-law — and, in our minds, [she's] already a daughter-in-law!" But some of Jonas' family and friends took their love for the English actress a wee bit too far. "Joe wanted his friends to like her, but not this much," a source told OK! magazine. "The guys can't help but stare with their tongues hanging out when she walks into a room. She knows how to get their attention." Werk it, Soph'! 

However, just one month after that OK! bombshell, Jonas was spotted flirting with a redhead that wasn't Turner, so perhaps getting flirty with other people is no big deal for these two.

They may have different attitudes about intimacy

Sophie Turner admitted that she didn't know anything about sex before she started filming Game of Thrones when she was 13 years old, and it may have skewed her views on intimacy, considering the show is rife with controversial adult content. "I'd be doing a read-through and we'd be talking about very graphic stuff," Turner told The Sunday Times. "…I was like… 'Wow! People do that? That's fascinating!'"

Meanwhile, Jonas really enjoys talking about his past partners and his private parts. Like, he really enjoys it. He boasted to Vulture in December 2013 about removing his purity ring, which he and brothers Kevin and Nick rocked during their Disney days. In an October 2016 Reddit AMA, Jonas talked about the size of a particular body part compared to his brothers', about losing his virginity to ex-girlfriend Greene, and about becoming a bit too excited while filming music videos with Ashley Graham and Charlotte McKinney. In November 2016, he also talked freely to Pride Source about being into S&M with a partner. We hate to say it, but if he and Turner ever split, let's hope he doesn't decide to exploit their intimacy for attention.

A birthday celebration with some help from his ex

Sophie Turner turned 22 in February 2018, and she celebrated her birthday by sharing a video of her jamming out to Taylor Swift's song, "22." Before you Swifties initiate the newest member of the squad, allow us to remind you that Swift is Joe Jonas' ex-girlfriend. Yes, that means Turner was actually publicly singing a song by her now-husband's former flame. Scandalous.

We applaud Turner for not having a petty bone in her body. Still, even though Jonas and Swift broke up eons ago, it's very strange that Turner would choose to lip-synch that song by that artist. It would be different if Jonas and Swift were on friendly terms, but let's face it, that romance ended in 2008 with an infamous "27-second" phone call that Swift wouldn't let anybody forget. 

Regardless, Turner appears incredibly secure in her relationship. Not only will she rock out to Swift if and when she wants to, but she didn't bat an eyelash when Jonas got his groove on to Swift's performance of "ME!" at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards! Bizarro (and cool) to the max.

They weren't in a rush to get married, but their quickie wedding says otherwise

After their surprise engagement, Joe Jonas told the Evening Standard that he and Sophie Turner were in no rush to get married. He insisted they were "trying to take some time off while running around Europe," and since they were lacking downtime, they were content with "just being tourists" for a bit. Well, that all changed on May 1, 2019. They obtained their marriage license in Las Vegas, before hitting up the Billboard Music Awards that night, according to TMZ. After attending the awards ceremony, they trotted off to Sin City's infamous A Little White Wedding Chapel. If that name sounds familiar, it's because it's the same place responsible for Britney Spears' 2004 wedding to her childhood friend, Jason Alexander — that lasted only 55 hours.

How did Jonas and Turner go from taking things slowly to exchanging vows at one of the nation's cheesiest wedding venues? Color us confused. Your guess is as good as ours.

A very unconventional ceremony

Speaking of their quickie wedding at A Little Wedding Chapel, these two clearly said "I do" to the Las Vegas cliches. Yes, an Elvis Presley impersonator was the officiator, which leaves us all shook up and speechless, but there's more. Was Joe Jonas perhaps trying a little too hard to have a wedding that was in stark contrasts to his brother, Nick Jonas, and bride Priyanka Chopra's glam, multi-wedding extravaganza? You be the judge: 

With Nick and Kevin Jonas Jr. as his groomsmen, the only other reported guests were country singers Dan + Shay, Diplo, and Khaled, according to TMZ. They booked the entire chapel from 8 p.m. until 12 a.m. for extra privacy, and instead of a wedding gown, Turner wore a "white blouse and slacks." They exchanged … wait for it … ring pops instead of wedding bands. The Presley impersonator sang "Viva Las Vegas" after they exchanged I do's, and they "posed in front of the Cadillac at the Chapel," as per tradition. The newlyweds then took the party back to their hotel, "where they jumped in the jacuzzi wearing their wedding duds."

Maybe Sansa Stark's awful weddings have scarred Sophie Turner for life? Who knows? Who cares? Congratulations!