The Truth About Maisie Williams And Sophie Turner's Relationship

Game of Thrones alumni Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner are prime examples that real-life Hollywood friendships can exist. The two met just as they were hitting their teenage years, with no idea how their lives would change thanks to the HBO saga. 

Turner's acting career kicked off at a pretty young age after becoming a member of the Playbox Theatre Company at the age of three before she took on the role of Sansa Stark (via Coventry Live). Meanwhile, Williams was busy being a regular school kid. Before her audition for Game of Thrones, and becoming the massively popular Arya Stark, Williams "attended Clutton Primary School and Norton Hill School, before moving to Bath Dance College to study Performing Arts," according to London Theatre. Playing the youngest Stark sister was actually Williams' first acting role, but the young star told Entertainment Weekly that she hopes to act the rest of her life, even though the fan and critical response surrounding the series was "overwhelming."

Navigating the brutal world of Westeros was a big challenge for the Stark sisters, and so was growing up making the show. After meeting in 2009, Williams and Turner formed a connection that would get them through the craziness together. The two immediately bonded, becoming inseparable even when they weren't filming together for multiple seasons as their characters went off on different adventures. But just how close are the two besties?

Navigating Game of Thrones together

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner met when they were 13 and 12, respectively, with Game of Thrones debuting in 2011 when they were 15 and 14. Little did the young duo know that they would soon be catapulted into fame, and their strong bond would help them navigate the treacherous waters of set life. During a Psychologies interview, Turner spoke about how the two "grew up together on Game of Thrones" and "learned on each other during those times" when they felt "out of place and a little lost." Williams told Rolling Stone her instant chemistry with Turner was like "real magic." 

Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss noted how strong the relationship was from the very beginning. They shared a story with Rolling Stone about the girls' "bawling and hugging each other," when the first pilot they shot (which never aired) was saved by reshoots and recasting. The actresses were convinced the show might not get picked up, and they were "afraid they'd never see each other again," because they already "loved each other so much." 

Turner also shared with the outlet how the first few seasons of GOT were especially difficult for Williams after puberty struck. Playing Arya Stark, she had to "cut her hair short and look completely different" to how the teenager felt on the inside. Luckily, the two were able to act as each other's cheerleaders through the run of the series.

How Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner's relationship became Mophie

The term 'Mophie' actually originated after Maisie Williams came across a Mophie phone case and thought to herself that it was a "terrible name for a phone case," but "a great name" for her and Sophie Turner (via Rolling Stone). The fans quickly embraced the portmanteau, and the besties "never looked back," always ready to celebrate each other and their special bond. The BFFs are known for sharing Instagram posts of each other, including celebrating specific dates that are meaningful to them. E! News shared a particular instance when Turner captioned one of her posts as "Happy 7th August my soulm8" and tagged Williams, who responded with her own post featuring photos of the friends. Turner explained to E! News that August 7th is significant because it serves as the anniversary date of when the actresses found out they had been cast in Game of Thrones

During their cover shoot with Glamour, the co-stars spoke about being "obsessed" with each other and how they have always protected one another. Williams also admitted to Rolling Stone that she thinks she's "spent more time in [Turner's] bed than [her] own," thanks to the "well over 300 hundred" sleepovers the pair has had over the years. Never afraid to make fun of themselves, or each other, they also shared their "first paparazzi experience" together in the U.S., complete with throwing on sunglasses, fixing their makeup, and "strutting" out of the airport, which the two laugh about now.

Is there a dark side to Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner's relationship?

Sophie Turner revealed on Dr. Phil's podcast, Phil in the Blanks, that her friendship with Williams was once "quite destructive." The actress explained how the two girls would stay inside together as they experienced the same ups and downs during filming. Turner said that she and Williams "didn't socialize with anyone" but themselves, essentially avoiding opening up to other people on set. Since the actresses understood each other and their similar experiences, they often relied on the other, forming an unbreakable bond that also shut out the rest of the world. Turner went into detail, describing how she and Williams used to buy food after filming, would head back to their room and eat in bed together without socializing with anyone else "for a couple of years" except themselves. In later seasons, the two found more ways to deal with the stress of filming and the madness surrounding the culture of Game of Thrones

According to Vulture, when the friends were both in town filming, they would have nightly sleepovers and eat while watching "stupid videos" and smoking weed. Specifically, they would "get high" and then "sit in the bath together" as they rubbed makeup brushes on their faces. Despite any potential codependent destructiveness, and with the help of their special bonding, Turner impresses upon the fact that the girls "have the purest form of true, true friendship," with nothing but "pure love" between them (via W Magazine).

They bonded over the lows of social media

No one is safe from the woes of social media, which can negatively impact the mental health of young adults, according to the National Center for Mental Health Research. Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner both experienced first-hand how social media scrutiny can mess with a person's head. Williams admitted to TheWrap that she no longer tries to "consume too much media at all" after Turner revealed in an interview with Dr. Phil that the co-stars experienced this rough patch side-by-side when they were younger, including suicidal thoughts. Williams explained that social media is "just a constant feed in your back pocket of what people think of you," and that it's "impossible" not to care. 

Turner shared with Dr. Phil that she became insecure and depressed when bullies on social media made negative remarks about her character, her acting, and her physical appearance. She eventually sought out treatment, taking up therapy and being prescribed medications that helped her significantly. Williams told Glamour that Turner regularly encouraged her to go to therapy as they actively helped one another "through a lot of mental health problems." The two impressed upon the importance of destigmatizing mental health, therapy, and being open about your struggles. Turner explained to Glamour that she wants to come out of the lows in her life "in a positive way and help people," with Williams acting as one of her crutches and vice versa.

If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner like to blur the lines of their relationship

According to their cover shoot for Glamour, the Stark sisters weren't afraid to get intimate during filming. The co-stars and best friends would apparently prank their fellow cast and crew by locking lips randomly during takes. Sophie Turner explained they would try to "sneak a kiss into every scene we did together to freak everyone out a bit" and keep their castmates "on their toes." The star admitted to Rolling Stone that she and Williams were a "nightmare to work with," because the best friends that work together, "never get any work done, ever." The duo apparently struggled to stay serious on set when they were filming, noting that the rest of the crew probably "regretted" writing scenes for the Stark sisters. 

While Turner and Williams have carried on a platonic love affair, the two don't appear to have any issues with people who think they are a romantic couple. Turner also mentioned to Glamour that she is "obsessed" with Williams, "so you never know." Touching even deeper on their relationship, Turner refered to the younger Stark sister as her "strong home," while Williams explained that Turner really looks out for her, noting that she could reach out to Turner whenever she needed her, and her best friend would always be there to pick up the phone. With friendly kisses and such a profound bond, the two have certainly proven that platonic relationships can be as intimate as any romantic couple. 

When your BFF is your maid of honor

Game of Thrones might be over, but the besties love affair is here to stay, even taking part in each other's most significant life events. According to Entertainment Tonight, Sophie Turner revealed that Maisie Williams would serve as one of her maids of honor during her wedding to pop star Joe Jonas. Williams had previously confirmed to ET that she would be a bridesmaid at Turner's wedding. When Turner heard her best friend had told the outlet she was trying to figure out what she wanted to wear for the wedding, Turner laughed that she was "giving [Williams] the bridesmaid dress" so that wasn't something Williams had to worry about. 

It only makes sense that Williams would be such an important part of Turner's special day. The uniquely close friends revealed to Rolling Stone that they are so comfortable with one another, they used to put their fingers in each other's mouths for no discernible reason. They even took baths and showers together. "We've done everything together," said Turner, and now the friends can add a wedding to that list. Williams shared a picture of herself and boyfriend Reuben Selby on Instagram from the rehearsal dinner. The dashing couple sported white, while Turner and Jonas donned matching red outfits. Turner and Jonas later shared a photo of the married couple walking down the aisle together, captioned "Mr. and Mrs. Jonas." 

The birth of Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner's relationship has a permanent reminder

How many co-stars and best friends can say that they have matching tattoos? Sophie Turner explained to E! News that her matching ink with her onscreen sister marks the day they learned they had gotten their respective parts on Game of Thrones, August 7, 2009, as mentioned previously. To commemorate the date, the two friends inked the date, "07.08.09," on their upper forearms (visible above) in 2016. Maisie Williams teased the matching tattoos in an Instagram post featuring a black and white photo of the two besties with the date captioned alongside heart emojis. 

During a video for Rolling Stone, the ladies discussed the matching tattoos, explaining they got them in Belfast. On what the actresses describe as their "best friend day ever" when the two were off from work, they spent the memorable day grabbing a couple of drinks, shopping (even buying "matching sunglasses and backpacks"), spontaneously got their matching tattoos, and spent the evening watching the Red Hot Chili Peppers perform.

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner's relationship might inspire a movie

The Game of Thrones co-stars are so close, they have even discussed developing a movie based on their relationship. During a Vogue Paris video, Sophie Turner said she would like to get into producing and directing, with best friend Maisie Williams by her side. So, what's the project? A movie "about a friendship where it's kind of like you're soulmates, but you're friends and it's like this beautiful connection but it can also be quite destructive." Part of the appeal, Turner said, is having "full creative control" and telling a story they are passionate about, which includes their "intense friendship." 

As if Turner and Williams' relationship already hasn't made a strong enough case for a cinema narrative, consider the following? Not only are these two proud of each other's acting abilities and what they have pulled off onscreen, particularly as the Stark sisters, Turner specifically pointed out to Rolling Stone that she is proud of Williams "every day" for her "growth as a person" and how strong of a woman she is. Williams replied that she feels "proud of Sophie all the time." The younger star also noted that Turner has had a "lovely" growth ever since meeting her new husband, Jonas, before they both began ribbing on the size of the latter's "growth." The closeness, humor, and love the two share sounds like a perfect recipe for a potential best friend rom-com dramedy. 

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner's relationship is on display wherever they go

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner have openly celebrated their friendship during interviews and through social media, as well as through other forms of public events such as posing in front of the camera or revealing behind-the-scenes secrets during James Corden's Carpool Karaoke: The Series. The Stark sisters love to hit up the red carpet together while sporting matching outfits and complementary colors when the opportunity arises. During the premiere for Game of Thrones final season, for example, Teen Vogue highlighted the co-stars "totally glamorous looks," consisting of black gowns with a sparkly touch and eye-popping makeup (shown above). 

That day wasn't the only time the pair have attempted a twinsies look, though. As W Magazine shared, Turner and Williams attended co-stars Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie's wedding wearing red and back colors in 2018. Two years prior, the fun duo celebrated Halloween in 2016 together in the same costumes. Williams posted a photo of the two dressed up on Instagram, featuring the cannabis-supporting pair cleverly costumed as hash brownies complete with weed-decorated sashes.

Girls only adventures

Ahead of Sophie Turner's wedding to Joe Jonas, Harper's Bazaar shared photos of the ladies taken by a group of friends on what appeared to be a Mediterranean bachelorette trip. The pictures revealed the girls only trip with the friends packed in on a jet, enjoying the pool, and having a few drinks. According to Entertainment Tonight, the bachelorette party also consisted of wigs, McDonald's, and a few messes. One of the girls' pals posted on Instagram saying they "can't have nice things" because "the entire plane spilled their McDonald's and drinks on take off." 

According to Marie Claire, this isn't the first time Williams and Turner have traveled on an adventure together, with photos of them popping up at airports and events together aplenty on the internet. Whether it's a week in Belfast drinking and getting matching tattoos to celebrate their casting date anniversary, zipping off on girls only getaways, attending fashion events or after parties, and every other moment under the sun together, it's obvious these two best friends have earned their soulmate status.