Demi Moore Just Took A Big Relationship Step With Her New Boyfriend

With her ex-husband Bruce Willis' recent aphasia diagnosis, we're sure Demi Moore has been going through a rough time lately. This is also why we're pleased as punch to see that she's taking the next step with her new boyfriend, Daniel Humm. Anyone who doesn't closely follow the ins and outs of the New York City restaurant scene may not be familiar with Humm — who is a pretty big deal in his field. He is a Swiss chef and the owner of Make It Nice, the hospitality group behind the iconic Eleven Madison Park restaurant. 

Eleven Madison Park recently made headlines when Humm relaunched it with an all-vegan menu for the first time in the restaurant's history. Unfortunately for the chef, not all of those headlines have been exactly positive. After the announcement, an Insider report said it had been "an understaffed, chaotic mess of a year" for the restaurant. The New York Times' restaurant critic Pete Wells wrote that a particular beet dish on the menu "tastes like Lemon Pledge and smells like a burning joint." Ooof!

However, it's not all bad news for the chef. On the bright side, Humm and Moore's new relationship appears to be absolutely Humming along. 

Demi Moore took her relationship to Instagram

Demi Moore and Daniel Humm had been spotted together at New York Fashion Week and were confirmed by a source to be dating, according to People. But this is the first time Moore has taken her new man Instagram-public. 

In Humm's first appearance on Moore's Instagram page, the "G.I. Jane" actor posted photos of the couple hanging out together, including one canoodly selfie that shows Humm planting a kiss on Moore's forehead. "Visiting the palace of kings and queens," Moore wrote in the caption. She then posted another small batch of pictures showing the two attending the French Open together — with Moore's tiny dog Pilaf in her lap, of course. "Next in the adventures of Pilaf (aka Little Mouse): cheering on [Rafael Nadal] at the 2022 French Open finals," she wrote. "She didn't want to miss him breaking his own record with his 14th French Open title!" What a lucky girl! (Pilaf and Moore).

It's a pretty big deal for Moore to open up about a new relationship at all. Her last known relationship (or at least fling) before Humm was Dead Sara drummer Sean Friday, according to Us Weekly — way back in 2014. Sometimes it takes a while to find a partner you're willing to make social media official it seems.