Blac Chyna Is Heading To Court Against Rob Kardashian This Time

Blac Chyna and her relationship with the Kardashians is messy, to say the least. The model first met her ex, Rob Kardashian, at Kendall Jenner's sweet 16 party, according to People. However, Chyna and Kardashian's relationship quickly turned disastrous when the two accused each other of cheating, publicly slammed one another on social media, and broke off their engagement, among the more messy drama.

Chyna and Kardashian finally ended things, but their relationship grew even messier when Chyna decided to take his family to court. In October 2017, the reality star sought over $140 million from the Kardashians for allegedly sabotaging a second season of "Rob & Chyna," per The Washington Post. During the trial, Kardashian got real about his and Chyna's relationship, confessing that he never loved her. "It wasn't a real type of love or we'd have been married," he said in court, per People. "It was a toxic relationship and nothing I'd want my daughter to see, or how I was raised or how my father raised me."

On May 2, Chyna's nasty legal battle with the Kardashians finally ended, and the Kardashians won. However, if that's where you thought the legal drama would end, think again. Now Chyna is taking Rob to court for a completely different reason.

Blac Chyna's revenge porn case against Rob Kardashian will go to trial

After Blac Chyna failed to win her defamation case against the Kardashians, she was not ready to put the nail in the legal coffin. Chyna filed a lawsuit against her ex and baby dady, Rob Kardashian, for a 2017 revenge porn incident in which he shared, then deleted, nude photos of her during a social media rant. Kardahsian had asked a judge from the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles County to enforce a settlement, however the judge declined. Now it looks like the two will be forced to head to trial, per People. According to Chyna's lawyer, Lynne Ciani, the former reality star is "very pleased" about the judge's decision. "Without a settlement, Chyna will prove her case to a Los Angeles jury on June 20 that Rob posted devastating revenge porn of her to millions of his Instagram followers without her consent," Ciani said in a statement.

While Chyna is waiting to see how her case with her ex unfolds, the legal drama with the other Kardashian family members continues. In documents obtained by Page Six, members of the KarJenner family have filed paperwork seeking over ​​$391,000 from Chyna to pay for the court fees in the case that she lost. However, Ciani also told Page Six, "Kris Jenner's attempt to financially ruin Angela White, the mother of her granddaughter Dream Kardashian, will not work." Fans will have to see how Chyna's legal troubles with the Kardashians concludes, if it ever does.