The Kardashians' Nasty Legal Battle With Blac Chyna Finally Reaches A Conclusion

The Kardashians and Blac Chyna have been battling it out in court in recent weeks, and now we finally know what the jury has decided in the highly controversial defamation trial.

In 2017, Chyna filed a lawsuit against the famous family, claiming that they'd conspired to destroy her reality TV show career by getting the second season of "Rob and Chyna" canceled. The Kardashians' alleged intervention led Chyna to lose out on work opportunities, leading the model to seek over $100 million in damages. Simultaneously, she also sued her ex, Rob Kardashian, for assault, battery, and harassment.

The parties involved took the stand to defend themselves, with the Kardashians saying that they "don't have control" over what E! ultimately decides about their reality show and its spinoffs. Corey Gamble, Kris Jenner's boyfriend, also confirmed he had to break up a physical fight that had happened between Rob and Chyna in December 2016, when Chyna apparently hit Rob. Now, after careful deliberation, the jury has decided whether or not the Kardashians are really guilty of defamation.

The Kardashians won Blac Chyna's defamation lawsuit

After hours of deliberation, the jury, which consisted of five men and seven women, decided the Kardashians don't owe Blac Chyna any monetary damages, effectively ending the weeks-long trial.

Per Variety, the jurors found that no member of the Kardashian family deliberately planned to derail Chyna's career. While it's true that they expressed concern over Rob Kardashian and Chyna's relationship, "it had no substantial effect on Chyna's contract or the fate of the show." Therefore, they need not pay the model compensation of any form. "Rob and Chyna" was only canceled because the relationship between the two had also reached its end.

AP News reports that Kardashian attorney Michael G. Rhodes said the family was "exuberant" upon finding out the verdict. "They're very pleased. I hope they enjoy their gala in New York," he said, referring to the 2022 Met Gala. Meanwhile, Chyna's attorney Lynne Ciani believes the jury confirmed that Chyna had not hit Rob and that some Kardashians had meddled with the model's contract with E! "We will appeal on the remaining questions," she said.