Grayson Murray Seems To Shoot His Shot With Paige Spiranac

Grayson Murray may be used to shooting his shot on the golf course, but he appeared to give the term a whole new meaning when it came to a recent social media moment involving Paige Spiranac. For those who don't know, Murray is one of the top golfers in the game, but didn't have the best time while playing in the final round of the US Open on June 19. In fact, he totally flew into a range after a series of bad shots on the course. Clearly unhappy with his swing following a triple bogey, Murray was spotted throwing his putter in anger before grabbing his iron and breaking it over his knee, per Mashable. Woah.

We can't lie, the viral Twitter footage of the moment his ball hit the frame of the hole but doesn't go in does look pretty darn frustrating. And it can't feel great to end up 10 over par, either. But his over the top response divided golf fans across social media, with plenty supporting and vilifying the athlete for his violent outburst.

But while things seemed pretty bad for the golf pro after a disastrous round, something pretty great could potentially come of his bad day on the course. Allow us to explain.

Grayson Murray's flirty message

Grayson Murray may not have had much luck on the green during the US open but he was clearly determined to have a little more luck on Twitter, as the professional golfer was accused of flirting with fellow golfer and Influencer Paige Spiranac. This all went down after Spiranac tweeted a video of Murray losing his cool during the tournament alongside the caption, "I have thrown a club like this before and it feels great until the walk of shame of having to get it."

The tweet clearly caught the attention of Murray, who had a reply some claimed appeared pretty flirty. "Let's see your club throw Paige. Love a good club throw," he responded, per New York Post, before seemingly deleting his Twitter account. The removal didn't quote come soon enough though, as plenty of Twitter users replied by sharing their thoughts on his message as many suggested he was flirting with her. Spiranac is yet to publicly respond, but announced in March that she is no longer married.

This isn't the first time Murray has been accused of using Twitter to get a little attention from the opposite sex, though. Back in 2017, the golfer raised a few eyebrows when he responded to a student who asked (via Daily Mail), "Why does everyone hate on @GraysonMurray?" Murray then tweeted responded, "[I don't know] but I hate the fact you are in high school. You are pretty." Murray quickly deleted the tweet.