Cheer Star Maddy Brum Gives An Update After Surviving A Scary Accident

Maddy Brum was one of the fresh faces introduced on Season 2 of "Cheer." The Netflix docuseries follows members of the Navarro College cheerleading team, whose sport of choice is often associated with peppiness and getting crowds all fired up. But viewers have learned that those bright smiles can belie some serious behind-the-scenes struggles, and competitive cheerleading is a lot more dangerous than many people realize.

During her time on the show, Brum was a rookie whose ability to perfectly execute high-flying stunts made her an integral member of the Navarro team. Per Grazia, the Massachusetts native has faced a great deal of adversity in her life, including familial financial struggles and her father's imprisonment for rape. Her decision to attend school at Navarro, located in Corsicana, Texas, also caused some conflict. "[My father] didn't want me to come here because he didn't get to see me a lot of my life," Brum said on the show.

As a flyer, Brum put herself at risk of getting seriously injured. Her position on the squad called for her to be thrown high into the air while performing complex twist and flip combinations. Viewers have watched many "Cheer" cast members struggle with injuries, but coach Monica Aldama argued that it's just part of the job, telling E! News, "You push your body to limits that just your average person doesn't do." Surprisingly, Brum was not at cheer practice when she suffered a frightening accident.

Maddy Brum got hit by a car

Maddy Brum's tenacity, talent, and tragic backstory helped make her a fan-favorite, and she was invited to join the "Cheer" Live Tour, per People. She and her fellow cheerleaders were enjoying some downtime during their stop in Kansas City, Missouri, when disaster struck. "Two days ago, Angel, James, Jay and I were crossing the street at a crosswalk, where a car turned and drove into me at 20-30 mph," Brum wrote on Instagram. Her post included a photo that showed her in a hospital bed.

Thankfully, Brum escaped the accident with no more than some minor scrapes and bruising. "I will be doing the tour to the best of my ability for the next few shows," she assured her fans. "I am so unbelievably thankful that I am still alive and still get the opportunity to do what I love." Fans and her fellow "Cheer" cast showered her with well wishes. "I love you Madison," wrote Gabi Butler. "Got them guardian angels around you." According to TMZ, the motorist who hit Brum was cited for failing to yield the right of way to a pedestrian.

There's no word on whether a camera crew was following Brum when the accident happened, and a third season of "Cheer" has yet to be confirmed at the time of this writing. However, in February 2022, Brum told WCVB that she was competing with the Navarro squad as they set their sights on another championship trophy.