Why Tiger Woods May Be Worried About Rachel Uchitel's Potential New Project

News of Tiger Woods' extramarital affair with Rachel Uchitel shocked fans when it was made public over 10 years ago. The scandal came on the heels of a frightening car crash involving the golf star, which reportedly occurred after an argument with his now-ex-wife Elin Nordegren. Immediately following the incident, Uchitel denied having an affair with Woods and claimed the cheating rumors were unfounded. "This has nothing to do with me," she told Us Weekly in 2009. "I don't understand why anyone would think this has anything to do with me."

Months later, the National Enquirer published a story identifying Uchitel as the woman at the center of Woods' cheating scandal. Details of Woods' messy affair would later play out in the 2019 HBO documentary, "Tiger." Following the release of the film, Uchitel claimed that Woods' legal team were seeking damages after she reportedly violated a $8 million non-disclosure agreement. Now, Uchitel is working on a new project that may cause some concern for Woods.

Rachel Uchitel has plans for a tell-all book

Tiger Woods' life and career following his cheating scandal with Rachel Uchitel was filled with "dark times," as the athlete described to CNN. He was arrested for DUI, lost a sleuth of endorsement deals, and Elin Nordegren filed for divorce. However, Woods was able to make a career-defining comeback in 2019, and has since reclaimed his spot as one of the sport's premiere competitors. However, new reports suggest that Uchitel may be working on a new project that could reignite interest in Woods' 2009 indiscretions.

According to Page Six, Uchitel has teamed up with notable literary agent David Vigliano, and is shopping a tell-all book to major publishers. Sources revealed to the outlet that the book will detail the death of Uchitel's fiancé in the 9/11 attacks. And while Uchitel and Vigliano declined to comment on the reports, insiders claim that the book will, of course, shed light on the former TV personality's affair with Woods.