Why Cardi B Is Already Disappointed With Her Kanye West Collaboration

Cardi B's first studio album "Invasion of Privacy" helped propel her to hip-hop stardom, but fans have been forced to wait for her sophomore album. The "Bodak Yellow" artist spoke about the delay between projects, and said she originally planned to drop the second album sooner. "I feel like at this point, it's like a timeline that I created," she told XXL in April 2021. "Because last year, I was like, I gotta put out my album this year." As with many artists, the COVID-19 pandemic forced her to reschedule the release. Cardi mentioned how she preferred to promote her music in person. "I want to meet up with people ... It's a better vibe. I love album release parties," she added.

Fans became increasingly impatient with the "WAP" rapper as the time between albums grew. In May, Cardi took to social media to address her critics while explaining the delay. "I seen a lot of y'all talking s***," she said in a voice message posted to Twitter. "I had not one, not two, but like three technical difficulties on the music that I've been working on."

On June 26, Cardi promised the wait was coming to an end as she posted a teaser to Instagram from her new single "Hot S***," which will drop July 1. The highly anticipated tune will feature Kanye "Ye" West and Lil Durk, but it turns out that Cardi ran into more difficulties prior to its release.

Cardi B blasts the mishandling of her new single

Even before the full song was dropped, controversy surrounded Cardi B's "Hot S***" single. The track featuring Kanye "Ye" West and Lil Durk was nearly hit with more delays, as the "Shake It" artist discussed her frustration with the single's rollout. 

"So I wanted to cancel my release for this week because s*** is not being executed how it's supposed to," Cardi said during an Instagram Live on June 27 (via Twitter). Although Cardi decided to not delay the single any longer, she would not be approaching the release with the same gusto as other records. "But then I'm like, it's too drastic ... So I will be dropping the song ... but I will not be releasing a music video with this song," Cardi said. The New York native expressed her frustration with how she believed the release was mishandled by others, although she did not name names. "I'm so tired of people not doing their f***ing job correctly. I'm so tired of people just doing things their way," she said. 

Despite those misgivings, the rapper did add she was ultimately very happy with the final product. The same day as Cardi's Instagram Live rant, she exchanged compliments with Lil Durk about their work on "Hot S***" as they expressed their excitement. She retweeted the Chicago rapper after he tweeted about the single. "Your verse tho," Cardi wrote with fire emojis. "You got the hardest verse we all can agree," Durk responded with tornado emojis.