Kim Kardashian's Lawyer Completely Lashes Out At Latest Lawsuit Against Her Business

Kim Kardashian is under fire after launching her new skincare brand Skkn By Kim, but the mogul is not taking the jab lightly. Kardashian is being sued by Beauty Concepts for trademark infringement, according to TMZ. However, this isn't Kardashian's first run-in with the Brooklyn-based brand.

The reality star was hit with a cease-and-desist letter from Beauty Concepts in 2021, after filing to trademark "SKKN," and "SKKN by Kim," per Page Six. Cydnie Lunsford — the owner of the small business — insisted that her brand, SKKN+, was established first. "I have painstakingly built my successful small business with my own sweat equity, hard work, and research," Lunsford said. "It's clear that I established my brand first."

In response, Kardashian's attorney admittedly denied the accusations, telling TMZ, "We certainly appreciate and support small businesses." However, Lunsford's newly filed lawsuit has seemingly struck a nerve with Kardashian, as she has fired back at the beauty brand — and is not mincing words.

Kim Kardashian's attorney calls the lawsuit a 'shakedown'

Kim Kardashian is standing strong in defense of her latest business venture and has lashed out at a beauty brand that claimed she stole their name. Kardashian's attorney called the lawsuit a "shakedown."

"This lawsuit is not what it seems," attorney Michael Rhodes told TMZ. Adding, "Building on independent research and development, her company filed a trademark application for SKKN BY KIM to protect the new branded products. This prompted the current shakedown effort." Rhodes goes on to say that while they "applaud" Cydnie Lunsford's effort, that doesn't "give her the right" to claim trademark infringement.

Unfortunately for Kardashian, her rebranded skincare collection has also been deemed a "flop" by some fans, according to The U.S. Sun. The outlet details a number of complaints from consumers about the affordability, ingredients, and limited availability. However, since its launch, many of the products in the collection have been listed at a marked down or discounted rate.