Blake Lively Talks Harvey Weinstein Scandal, Calls Harassment A 'Global' Issue

The former Gossip Girl star is opening up the mistreatment of women—in Hollywood and around the world.

After being asked about sexual harassment in the entertainment business and its recent spotlight as a result of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Blake Lively told Good Morning America, "I think it's important that we acknowledge that this isn't just Hollywood, this is so much more global, and it's not just, 'Oh, guess what, this is what's happening to women suddenly.' This has been happening since the beginning of time, but now people are finally talking about it, and I think that that's what's important."

During her Oct. 16, 2017 appearance on the morning show, Lively also detailed her own personal experience with Weinstein. "I only had positive ones with him," the actress said. "But that goes to show where you don't always see what's going on behind closed doors."

However, that doesn't mean Lively hasn't been harassed at worked. The 30-year-old, who previously opened up about a creepy experience with a makeup artist, told GMA, "There have been moments where I've come forward, where other people have come forward, with things that just feel a little – and you're not sure – but when your bosses tell you that this is not a priority to them, then you think, 'OK, this must not be that big of a deal. Maybe what I'm complaining about isn't that big of a deal.' And it is."

As to how to make change? Lively has an answer to that. "It's action," Lively explained. "Everybody says that they stand in solidarity, but you have to show that you stand in solidarity."

Sounds like Lively has the right idea.

Lively's latest film All I See Is You is slated for release on Oct. 27, 2017.