Betty Who Shares How The One That Got Away Changed Her Perspective On Second Chances - Exclusive

What if we told you that you've more than likely already met the love of your life? According to the reality dating series "The One That Got Away," most people have met their match by the time they're 25 years old — they just aren't aware of who it is. This idea has left the show's contestants questioning everyone they've ever come into contact with.

Throughout the series, six singles get the chance to reconnect with special people from their pasts who could potentially be their soulmates. In other words, "the one that got away" could be patiently waiting just off set. In each episode, a completely new person from each contestant's past emerges from "The Portal." "These people come in through 'The Portal,' and our contestants see them, and all of these memories come rushing back," host Betty Who said during an exclusive interview with our sister site The List. "That's such an interesting place to start a conversation about a relationship."

In fact, hosting the series gave Who a completely new perspective when it comes to second chances.

People from your past can change a lot over the years

Many singles throughout Season 1 have reconnected with people that they haven't seen in decades. A whole lot changed throughout those years when they were apart, too. "People can really change," Betty Who told The List. "You got to give people a chance to show you who they are now."

The series is all about opening up to people from your past who know you — maybe even better than you know yourself. You just have to give them the chance to prove themselves. "We're going to see a lot of that in this season of 'The One That Got Away,'" Who teased.

Seeing how each single interacted with someone from their past was life-changing for the host, who watched from just off-camera. Wrapping on the finale was something she'll never forget either. "I walked away from the season feeling very optimistic about the ways that people can change and show up for you," she said.

Season 1 of "The One That Got Away" is available to stream now exclusively on Prime Video.