90 Day Fiance: Inside Liz Woods' Weight-Loss Transformation

It's safe to say that Liz Woods most definitely has people's attention, but it's not exactly for all the right reasons when it comes to her controversial relationship with her "90 Day Fiance" co-star Edward Allen Brown, aka Big Ed. The twosome's on/off rocky relationship has raised quite a few eyebrows ever since Woods joined the TLC series, but it seems like the two have moved beyond their issues – including past breakups — and are happier than ever. In November 2021, Woods and Big Ed confirmed they were officially engaged as fans waited with bated breath to see how things played out between the twosome on Season 2 of the spin-off, "90 Day Fiance: The Single Life." "I couldn't be happier. I know in my heart that she's my forever, and that's all I need to know. I don't want to be with anybody else, I don't want to think about anybody else," Big Ed told People of their engagement.

Ever since then, the two have proudly showed off their love on social media. Woods often shares loved-up snaps with her man on her Instagram account (including this one of them splashing around in a swimming pool or this one from when they attended a painting class together) but it's more than just Big Ed that fans have been noticing in Woods' uploads, as she's also been proudly showing off how she got healthier than ever.

What Liz Woods eats

Liz Woods has been pretty open on social media about how she's living her best life, including revealing on Instagram how she lost 17 pounds. The reality star has been keepings fans up to date mainly via her Instagram Stories, per Screen Rant, where she's been proudly showing off her fit new body. Woods revealed in May that she'd undergone a week-long detox as she shared photos of herself taken three weeks apart. "I don't starve myself. I eat three proper meals a day when I only used to eat two and have a protein snack in between each meal, drinking plenty of water," she explained to fans, also revealing that she'd slimmed down by doing at least three workouts a week, though she aims for four. The star also gave fans a peak at what she typically eats, sharing an Instagram Stories update as she prepared savory turkey bites in a baking tin.

In another update on the platform a month later, Woods shared her new size with her followers. Posting a video of herself wearing a white vest top and jeans, the "90 Day Fiance" star told fans that she'd dropped from a size five to a size three (via Screen Rant). Woods also revealed that she was ready to put what she'd learned back into practice after what she described as a "fun week," sharing she was preparing for a two-day detox and to eat healthy again.

How Liz Woods exercises

Liz Woods has been open with fans about her exercise routine, revealing that dance is one of her favorite ways to drop the pounds and have fun. The reality star has shared a number of videos from her dance classes on social media, which show her looking more confident than ever while flaunting some sultry moves. "A full hour of cardio and sweating after a 9 hour shift at work. I can run a min of 6 miles easy, no problem. I love cardio. But the studio kills me," she captioned a June Instagram video showing her dancing during what she called the hardest class she'd attended. In another Instagram upload earlier that month, she explained she'd been doing the dance classes for a year and wrote in the caption, "It's the funnest cardio I have ever done and boy do my abs and knees hurt the next day."

The star is clearly now more confident than ever, and proudly showed off the results of her diet and exercise routine on Instagram on July 30 while paddleboarding at Mission Bay in San Diego in a pink bikini. "That Crazy Little Sun Of A Beach," she jokingly captioned the gorgeous snap. Fans clearly noticed too, with one follower commenting, "Wow..you look better [than] ever. Working out does wonders for your emotional state and confidence in life. God bless and keep it up!"

No matter what her size or shape, there's no doubting Liz Woods is totally stunning!