Quentin Tarantino's Family Just Got Bigger

Oscar-winning director Quentin Tarantino has dedicated a lot of his time to this prolific film career, but it looks like he is now putting his focus on his expanding family!

The film buff settled down with pop singer and model Daniella Pick in 2018, and it seems like Tarantino — who once made headlines for some wild partying — has been experiencing the joys of domestic bliss. "We are very family-oriented," Pick told the Pnai Plus (via The Jerusalem Post) in 2019. "We love to be at home, to go out to dinner [and] to watch movies, both at home and at theaters."

After the release of Tarantino's crazy successful 2019 film "Once Upon A Time... in Hollywood," the couple welcomed their first son Leo (not DiCaprio) in February 2020. And the moment his son was born, the "Pulp Fiction" director was absolutely smitten. "He's just the most charming human being I've ever met in my life," Tarantino gushed in an interview with CBS Morning News. "Half the time I look at him and I'm just laughing because he's so funny. And the other time I'm just bursting into tears." Now Tarantino and his wife have welcomed another addition to their family.

Quentin Tarantino and Daniella Pick welcome a baby girl

On July 2, Quentin Tarantino's wife, Daniella Pick, gave birth to the couple's second child. In an exclusive statement to People, Tarantino and Pick confirmed that their first son, Leo, has a brand new baby sister. That's right — the "Kill Bill" creator has a new leading lady in his life!

And with the news of his expanding family, Tarantino-heads are curious as to what this means for his future in film. It has long been suspected that the director will be taking a step back from the movie industry, and with a family at home, this seems more and more likely. With such an illustrious career behind him, Tarantino has been teasing that there will be at least one more movie before he makes his grand exit. "I kind of feel this is the time for the third act [of my life]," Tarantino explained to ABC News in 2020. "To just lean a little bit more into the literary, lean a little bit more into the writing — which would be good as a new father, as a new husband." Now that he's a father of two, it may be finally time to bring up the curtains for that "third act."