The Eric Decker Nude Photo Controversy May Be Even Stranger Than We First Thought

It's not uncommon to hear about celebrity nude photo leaks, but the breaches in privacy usually come at the hands of sophisticated hackers ... not toddlers. Unfortunately for former NFL player Eric Decker, his son seems to be a technology whiz. In a since-deleted Instagram post, memorialized by Page Six, young Forrest Decker posed for a selfie, with his dad's naked backside visible in the background.

People shared screenshots of the family's explanation for the photoshoot. Jessie James Decker, Eric's wife, posted the text messages she received from a friend alerting her to the mishap. "No I can't stop laughing Jessie. I can't," they read. "I am not even sure if u know he has his phone but if u don't know go grab it." Eric, meanwhile, used his Instagram Stories to write, "Time to change the much for letting Forrest watch his Avengers videos during my shower."

Though on the surface the situation seems fairly humorous and innocent, some who saw the photo noticed a suspicious detail that left them wondering if it was all a stunt.

Jessie James Decker's hair is visible in the photo

Although Eric Decker was fairly quick to delete his son's selfie, some got a good look at it and noticed something suspicious on the left corner of the photo. There appeared to be blonde hair, resembling that of Eric's wife, Jessie James Decker, just barely out of frame. It seemed possible that Jessie was sitting directly next to Forrest when the "accidental" leak happened.

"Your wife forget to crop out her hair .... If you're going to use your kids for clout .... Maybe don't have kids?" one person wrote under Decker's follow-up post to the fiasco. They weren't alone in thinking the post may have been a ploy for headlines. "Eric Decker and his wife are notoriously desperate for attention," someone tweeted. "Their antics to get press are well known as his wife is trying to be an 'influencer.' Makes you wonder."

The timing is notable, as the Deckers and their children recently starred in a back-to-school campaign for DSW, per People. Neither parent has provided further comment on the situation, however, and Forrest has not shared any more rogue selfies.