Noah Schnapp Reveals Where He Stands With Doja Cat Today

Kate Bush wasn't the only singer who caused a sensation on social media thanks to "Stranger Things." But while Bush earned over $2 million after her song "Running Up That Hill" was featured on the nostalgic Netflix series, all that Doja Cat got out of it was a feud with Noah Schnapp that possibly cost her around 200,000 Instagram followers, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The "Say So" singer and the "Stranger Things" star turned the social media discourse upside down when Schnapp — who does not have to rely on Christmas lights for communication out here in the real world — gave his TikTok followers a peek at a private conversation he had with Doja. The since-deleted video included a screengrab of Schnapp's DMs, where Doja was begging for help getting in contact with Joseph Quinn, the "Stranger Things" newcomer who plays Hellfire Club president Eddie Munson. "Noah can u tell Joseph to hmu [hit me up]. wait no. does he have a gf [girlfriend]?" the rapper wrote, per Complex. "LMAOO slide into his dms," Schnapp advised her. After Doja expressed difficulty finding Quinn's social media accounts, Schnapp provided further assistance by sharing a direct link to his co-star's Instagram page.

Doja was not happy about this privacy breach, as she made clear in an Instagram Live video. "That's like borderline snake s***, that's like weasel s***," she said, per Just Jared. Now, Schnapp is revealing how he feels after getting called out.

Noah Schnapp is still a Doja Cat fan

Stranger things have happened than Noah Schnapp using a TikTok math challenge to update everyone on the Doja Cat drama, sure, but fans were still not expecting to see it. After Doja Cat lashed out at Schnapp, some Twitter users came to the actor's defense. "Why is she making a 17yo feel bad. She could've just privately said something to him. God knows she probably did stuff like this on the internet at 17," read one tweet. But Schnapp assured fans that there were no hurt feelings by posting a video of himself rapidly solving math equations while a sped-up clip of the Doja song "Kiss Me More" played.

"Guys everything is all good I apologized and I still follow her and love her music no hard feelings," Schnapp wrote in the comments, concluding his update with two heart emoji. The actor's fans expressed surprise over his enduring appreciation of the artist, with one person writing, "Anyone else's eyes just widen when they heard the song." Others applauded his math skills. "I'm impressed but the Doja song makes this too funny," read another message.

As of this writing, the man who was unwittingly dragged into the feud still hasn't weighed in on it, but according to PopSugar, Joseph Quinn hasn't yet gone public with a romantic partner, so Doja still might want to try taking Schnapp's advice and sliding into his DMs — if she hasn't already.