Kendall Jenner's Love Life Isn't Free From The Rumor Mill Yet

Kendall Jenner may be famous for being part of one of the most notable reality TV families in the business, not to mention her modeling career. However, she's also sparked a fair share of headlines over her romantic life. That was especially true when she found herself in a relationship with NBA player Devin Booker. First connected in April 2020, a source told People, "She and Devin have a lot of mutual friends. They're just friends for now but you never know with Kendall."

However, by the time Valentines Day rolled around in February 2021, the two certainly seemed to be an item, which is perhaps why Jenner decided to make their relationship Instagram official. Although she didn't share a long, mushy post about her boyfriend, she did share an IG Story (via Elle) that showed her laying on a kitchen counter with a big smile on her face while Booker snuggled up on top of her. The couple still seemed to be going strong — and looked stunning — when they showed up to Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's wedding together in May, per Hollywood Life. Granted, it was just over a month later that news came out that Jenner and Booker reportedly broke up.

While that may have left the pair's romantic fans feeling disappointed, the rumor mill around Jenner's love life is buzzing about an arguably surprising development and it all has to do with her relationship status when it comes to Booker.

Devin Booker may have joined Kendall Jenner in Hawaii

When Kendall Jenner took to Instagram on July 14, she shared a collection of photos and videos that were absolutely dreamy and gave her followers a glimpse at the vacation she was clearly enjoying in Hawaii, according to Page Six. In the pics, Jenner could be seen looking out at a stunning sunset and lounging on a boat, while videos showed her walking near a waterfall and coming out of the water after a swim. In some of the videos, she wasn't alone, including in the latter. In the background, someone could be seen hanging out in the water. Surprise, surprise, some people think it's Devin Booker in the water, despite reports that they had broken up. One person left a comment on the IG post, using a nickname for the athlete while writing, "Tell me that's book."

If Jenner and Booker are, indeed, still spending time together even though they're no longer a couple, that might not be too shocking considering things are pretty darn amicable between them. Jenner proved that when she hopped into her IG Stories and popped up a pic of Booker on the cover of "NBA 2K23" on July 7, not long after reports came out about their split, per People.

Whether Jenner and Booker are still a couple or have gone back to being just friends, it looks like they still want to be a positive part of each other's lives.