Teddi Mellencamp Offers Compelling Theory For Diana Jenkins' Cringey On-Camera Habit

Whether it's with the crew of people she ships ahead of her on trips to prepare her room or her no-holds barred takedowns of co-star Sutton Stracke, newcomer Diana Jenkins has certainly made her mark on her first season of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." But some people ("some people" being former "Housewives" turned podcasters Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge) can't look away from Jenkins for another reason. 

On their podcast, "Two Ts In a Pod," on which the two breakdown everything happening on "Housewives," Mellencamp says, "The biggest thing I'm getting from Diana is she doesn't want to engage in anything." In response, Judge says, "I agree, but the only thing I'm getting from her is she has a lip problem, I think her lips are too chapped. She can't talk because she's licking her lips constantly."

It's true that once you start noticing it, it's all you can see, as plenty of fans have pointed out. So why does Jenkins lick her lips in the middle of conversations seemingly all of the time? As it turns out, Mellencamp has an interesting theory. 

Teddi Mellencamp thinks it could be a nervous tic

Teddi Mellencamp tells her "Two Ts In a Pod" co-host Tamra Judge that she actually spent a lot of time researching possible answers for the Diana Jenkins lip-licking thing. "I really think it's a nervous tick," Mellencamp says. "And that's her tell. Like my tell is that my chest is going to get bright red like whenever I have to have a conversation I don't want to have when I'm on camera, things are awkward." She adds that it may just be editing, but it feels like Jenkins is licking her lips constantly, now. "I know, that's what I'm saying," Judge agrees. "I can't even listen to what she's saying because I'm concentrating on her licking her lips."

Mellencamp actually might not be far off. According to Healthline, excessive lip-licking could be due to anxiety or nervousness. Then again, Healthline also notes that environmental factors, autoimmune disorders, and some medications can also cause lips to dry out excessively. We may never know the truth until Jenkins herself addresses it —if she ever does.