Bruce Springsteen Is Welcoming A New Addition To His Family

Bruce Springsteen and his wife Patti Scialfa Springsteen worked hard to maintain a strong family bond with their three children over the years. The "Born to Run" singer had a fraught relationship with his father, so it was important for him to build a solid foundation with his own children: Jessica Springsteen, Sam Springsteen, and Evan Springsteen. After Bruce's parents moved from New Jersey to California in his early 20s, the legendary rocker felt detached. "It was quite frightening at the time. I didn't have a place in life," he told Express in 2011. However, Bruce was keenly aware that people usually do not have an appreciation for their own parents until adulthood. "They're furniture until then and, as a parent, you want to be a sturdy piece of furniture if you can," he said about parenting.

While the "Dancing in the Dark" artist has been a professional musician his whole adult life, he did not start a family until he had worked out some of the demons from his own childhood. "At 32, I go into hardcore analysis. I don't have my children until I'm 40," Bruce told Barack Obama during an intimate conversation for The Guardian in 2021.

Once Bruce and Patti did start a family, the E Street Band frontman decided to move his kids to New Jersey to keep them grounded. "I wanted my kids to have that sense of a bigger world than the entertainment world," Bruce said on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" in 2019. Now, a few years later, there's a new addition to the Springsteen clan.

Bruce Springsteen welcomed his first grandchild

On July 16, Patti Scialfa Springsteen announced on Instagram that she and Bruce Springsteen had become grandparents. Patti uploaded a snap of her son Sam Springsteen wrapping his arms around his partner as the couple stood in front of a baby stroller. "[W]alking the baby_. Lily Harper Springsteen," the proud grandmother wrote, while adding a flower emoji. The second image featured a close-up of baby Lily sporting her hospital bracelet and an adorable pink hat and matching mitts.

Followers flocked to the comment section, as they were excited for Bruce and Patti to have a grand baby. "Ayyyyyy Bruce grandfather," one fan wrote, while adding several heart emoji. "Springsteens are grandparents. Congratulations," another commented. Yet another fan wondered if the grandchild would have nicknames for grandma and grandpa. "So what will the baby call you guys? I vote for DOLL and BOSS," the fan suggested.

In 2011, Bruce's son Evan Springsteen joined his dad on tour and performed with the "Born in the U.S.A." singer onstage. At the time, Bruce was unsure if Sam would also follow in his footsteps. "I guess we'll wait and see where life and ambition go and be there as back-up," he told Express in 2011. Sam wound up finding his own calling, and in 2020, was sworn-in as a firefighter in New Jersey, per CBS News.