Kylie Jenner Is In Hot Water Once Again Over Her Private Jet

Kylie Jenner counts herself among the ranks of private jet-owning celebrities, but fans seem to think she's taken the privilege too far. The reality star is facing the wrath of social media users — who have dubbed her a "climate criminal" — after the makeup mogul boasted about her and boyfriend Travis Scott's private jets, only to then be exposed for using hers to take short flights.

According to the @CelebJets Twitter account, the reality star took a 40-mile flight from Camarillo to Van Nuys in Southern California recently, in what would have amounted to a 45-minute drive. The 17-minute flight was followed by a similar 29-minute flight from Van Nuys to Palm Springs, California.

The revelation comes after Jenner was criticized for brazenly sharing a black-and-white photo that featured her and Scott taking a moment to embrace as they stood in between two private jets on the tarmac. She captioned the moment, "You wanna take mine or yours?" One person commented on the Instagram, "But it's us who must use paper straws" with a weary face emoji, while another wrote, "Global warming who ?"

Kylie Jenner provoked, rather than entranced, fans

Kylie Jenner tried to boast about her jet-set life in her latest Instagram, but it's safe to say the fans weren't here for it. Social media users were provoked rather than entranced, with several users noting the massive carbon footprint required for the reality star's blink-of-an-eye trip, as pointed out by Page Six.

"80% of people have never taken a plane and Kylie Jenner is out here taking regular 10-minute flights, 5 flights in the last week under 30 minutes, one was 3 minutes long," tweeted one user, who identifies as an environmental activist. They added in a follow-up tweet, "Her carbon footprint for one ten-minute flight, is more than some people make in a year."

The vitriol didn't end there, with Twitter users continuing to slam the star for being out of touch with reality. "Kylie Jenner alone with her jet made more co2 in 6 months than what I'd make in 3 years just by living life normally," someone wrote, while another added: "This isn't the flex you think it is."