How Does Alex Rodriguez Really Feel About Jennifer Lopez's Wedding?

J-Lo is now J.Aff — sort of. On July 16, TMZ reported that Jennifer Lopez wed her longtime love, Ben Affleck, in a chapel in Las Vegas, taking his last name in the process. The name change was also confirmed in the way the multi-hyphenate signed her newsletter announcement as "Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck" (via Fatherly). "We did it. Love is beautiful. Love is kind. And it turns out love is patient. Twenty years patient," Lopez penned, referring to the two decades that the couple spent apart.

After initially getting engaged in 2002, Lopez and Affleck broke things off, only to go their separate ways and marry other people. Lopez married singer Marc Anthony, and Affleck married actor Jennifer Garner. Both marriages ended in divorce. More recently, Lopez was engaged to ex-MLB player Alex Rodriguez, though they ultimately split in March 2021, heralding the era of 'Bennifer' 2.0. Per Page Six, Lopez was reportedly "embarrassed" by rumors that A-Rod had cheated on her with "Southern Charm" star Madison LeCroy. As for Rodriguez, he had nothing but good things to say about his time with Jenny from the Block. Despite the heartbreak, he told ET that he was "in a great place," adding, "I'm so grateful for where God ... has really put me, and I'm really looking forward. Mostly to see how my girls keep developing." Now that J-Lo has found her happily-ever-after, does Rodriguez still harbor the same feelings of well-being for his ex?

Alex Rodriguez is living his best life

Are Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez the most amicable exes ever? In the wake of Lopez's marriage to Ben Affleck, Rodriguez sent the couple his well wishes. "He's happy for her and happy she's with the person she's meant to be with," a source told Us Weekly. "He's in a new relationship now and is happy as well. He's traveling all over and living his best life. He's really focused on family, his career and what he's got going on."

Just a few days before Lopez's wedding, Rodriguez appeared on an episode of "The Martha Stewart Podcast," where he expressed gratitude for his relationship with the singer, even though it wasn't  meant to be. "We had a great time," he shared. "More importantly, we always put the kids front and center in everything we do." He concluded with a sweet shout-out to Lopez. "She's the most talented human being I've ever been around, [the] hardest worker," he said. "And I think she is the greatest performer, live performer, in the world today."

Lopez doesn't appear to be thinking much about Rodriguez as he moves on with his new flame, model Kathryne Padgett. "Jen is focused on herself and doesn't even think twice about A-Rod or his current love life," a source told ET. "She wishes [Alex] the best. ...She just wants everyone to be happy, whatever that might entail." It sounds like all's well that ends well for everyone involved in this love saga.