Fred Durst Reveals Concerning News About His Health

Fred Durst was at the height of his career back in the late '90s and early '00s thanks to his numerous hits with Limp Bizkit. Since then, a lot of fans can't help but wonder whatever happened to Durst, as he's been forced to deal with one unfortunate event after another. His record label drove him and his bandmates apart, he started multiple feuds with artists like Christina Aguilera and Creed, and even found himself on the limp side in Ukraine. According to the Daily Mail, Durst reached out to Russia in 2015 in the hopes of obtaining a passport so he could live and work in Crimea with his wife, Kseniya Beryazina. Ukraine caught wind of this and decided to ban Durst from entering their country for five years. 

Despite all of the controversies, Durst is still doing what he does best. He told LA Weekly in 2017, "I still perform and manage Limp Bizkit. We're very selective of where we play. I think I'm gonna be releasing some new material." The group even went on a U.S. tour this spring.

Now, just as Limp Bizkit was ready to embark on a European tour, Durst has revealed some concerning news about his health that put the tour in jeopardy.

Fred Durst is taking a much needed break

Fred Durst is pressing the pause button on his upcoming tour with Limp Bizkit due to "personal health concerns." The band posted a message on their Instagram account that read, "For personal health concerns and based on medical advice given by my personal physician to take an immediate break from touring, Limp Bizkit will sadly have to postpone their 2022 UK and European tour. We truly apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our loyal fans, promoters and support staff. Stand by for further news. Sincerely, Fred & Limp Bizkit." The comments section was also turned off.

Durst himself has not posted anything on his Instagram account since July 7, and the last time that he posted a video of himself was on April 16. However, he did say in a video on the band's official website that his doctor forced him to postpone his touring plans, advising the performer instead "stay close by to do some more tests." He added, "This was very unexpected news, and I'm so sorry." Despite the unforeseen health issues, Durst reassured his fans, "I'm only wishing for the best, and I know everything is going to be okay." While no one knows exactly what is going on with Durst, there's no doubt that his fans will continue to send love and support in the hopes that he can belt out "Nookie" and "Break Stuff" as soon as possible.