Plastic Surgeon Reveals Kim Kardashian's Possible Excuse For Denying She Has Face Fillers - Exclusive

Rumors about her suspected plastic surgery have forever haunted Kim Kardashian. When her family became reality royalty with the premiere of their TV show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" in 2007, everyone wanted to know whether iconic butt was real. She even got her tush x-rayed on the show, just to prove the haters wrong — and although the scans didn't reveal implants, fans were convinced she got undetectable fat injections.  

Mostly recently, Kim stirred up controversy again when she chatted with Allure for its August 2022 cover. Kim admitted to having Botox in between her eyebrows but denied she ever having getting filler to reshape her lips and face. This drew a lot of criticism from fans who accused Kim of "gaslighting," as Newsweek noted, because they believed that she had obviously had filler injected into her face; with many arguing her appearance is drastically different from when the world first saw her on "KUWTK."

So Nicki Swift decided to ask a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon for their professional opinion on whether or not Kim's transformation can be explained by filler. And if not filler, then what?

Plastic surgeon doubts Kim Kardashian's story

Yes, Kim Kardashian admitted to getting Botox done in her face. Botox is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures, with people getting it younger and younger these days due to the "preventative Botox" phenomenon, as Vogue pointed out. But when Kim said she had never gotten filler, plastic surgeon Dr. Carl Truesdale exclusively told Nicki Swift he suspects Kim wasn't telling the whole truth. "Although [Kim] is not my patient, nor do I have specific knowledge of her previous procedures," Dr. Truesdale began by giving her the benefit of the doubt. "After evaluating her face over the years; it is clear procedures have been undertaken."

Using his surgical procedure knowledge, Dr. Truesdale hypothesized that Kim has received "some type of volumizing or contouring procedures," which includes filler. "Her cheeks have changed dramatically over time," Dr. Truesdale observed. "In some photos, the mid-face and cheeks have more volume and the cheekbones appear higher than in others; this effect may be due to filler/ fat injections or other procedures which make the cheekbone appear more prominent."

Just by looking at Kim's side-by-side photos over the years, you can see that the mother of four currently has some poppin' cheekbones that give more dimension to her face. Before, Kim was obviously still gorgeous, but her cheekbones were much less prominent. But could Kim have been using a medical terminology loophole in her Allure interview?

Did Kim Kardashian tell a white lie?

When you take a closer look at the Allure interview, Kim admits to never getting filler but she doesn't exclude other similar procedures. She claimed: "I've never done anything ... I've never filled my cheeks. I've never filled my lips." But plastic surgeon Dr. Carl Truesdale explains that there are other cosmetic procedures that can give the same effect as filler.

"If [Kim] did not have fillers, the other natural filler is fat injection," he said. "Fat can be taken from other parts of the body and injected into the face ... to create a similar effect to filler injections, but in a more permanent/long-lasting and sometimes more natural way." So while fat transfers are permanent, the most commonly used fillers— made with hyaluronic acid— "can be dissolved very easily and quickly with an injection." The surgeon also believed that Kim's appearance shift could be explained by lip lifts, face lifts, and full cheek and chin implants. 

But overall, Dr. Truesdale suggests that today's filler trend is slowly coming to an end due to the short-term nature and maintenance of the dissolving filler. "We often see cycles in beauty and aesthetic standards over time," he theorized. "Currently, the less-is-more approach is beating out the dramatic, harsh accentuation of facial features requested a few years ago." Now that we're in a new era of Kim post-Kanye, maybe her changes could be attributed to her shifting image.