Kylie Jenner's Relatable TikTok Backfires After Private Jet Fiasco

Stars — they're not like us. And billionaire Kylie Jenner reminds fans of that a lot, which hasn't always garnered great feedback. For instance, Jenner has been slammed for flaunting her expensive clothing when many in America were financially struggling. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the beauty mogul posted an image to Instagram that showed her wearing a pricey pair of pants, complete with $50,000 earrings. Naturally, fans flocked to the comments to drag Jenner. "Have you seen the mess on the streets of LA and San Francisco? 50,000 dollar stud earrings and 15,000 dollar jeans and a 250 dollar bra top? Your wealth is obscene," one user wrote (via The U.S. Sun).

As of July, social media users branded Kylie Jenner a "climate criminal" after she posted to Instagram, boasting about her and boyfriend Travis Scott's private jets. "You wanna take yours or mine?" she captioned a shot of the couple embracing between their respective planes. Fans were even angrier when the @CelebJets Twitter account exposed the star for using her plane to take short flights. This included a 17-minute flight between cities in California, as well as a 29-minute flight to Palm Springs. The whole debacle drew so much backlash that Jenner has since been forced to do damage control, but even her latest stunt — seemingly meant to prove she can be relatable — may have backfired.

Fans slam Kylie Jenner after she shops at Target

On July 18, Kylie Jenner posted a TikTok video captioned, "surprise target trip with my girls." The video featured Jenner pushing her daughter Stormi, as well as nieces Chicago and True, in a shopping cart at the popular chain store. Stormi was seen checking out a rack of dolls, before Jenner and her crew checked out.

The whole thing might be perceived as sweet, if it weren't for the private jet scandal. "did u take another 3 minute private jet trip to get there?" one person commented, while someone else sarcastically quipped, "hope you could afford all that bestie." Another person asked, "Did u rent out target for this real question."

Still, there were others who praised Jenner's parenting skills. One person wrote, "kylie is such an amazing mother! I love seeing her relationship with her kids!!" However, these kinds of supportive comments were few and far between. Because Jenner's latest display of wealth comes at a time of income inequality and inflation across the United States, it may take some time for fans to cool off. In fact, if the shopping spree was a PR move to restore Jenner's good reputation, safe to say it missed the target.