Below Deck Down Under: Why Aesha's Relationship With Jack Didn't Work Out

Reality TV fans can't get enough of "Below Deck." Since it first aired in 2013, the series has taken viewers on a sun-soaked, booze-filled island and bed-hopping cruise around the world. The crew and charter guests have sailed to the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Greece, Croatia, and now, Australia, thanks to the latest series, "Below Deck Down Under." And, when it comes to the popular Bravo show, it really is all about the journey and not the destination, as cameras capture all of the hard-working and hard-partying onboard antics.

Aesha Scott has been a "Below Deck" cast favorite from the moment she began serving as second stew in Season 4 of "Below Deck Med." Per Bravo, Aesha "wowed the crew, charter guests, and fans alike with her positive attitude [and unique] sense of humor." According to her bio, Aesha got her sea legs at a young age, growing up in New Zealand. The Kiwi snagged her first yacht gig in 2015, and it's been plain sailing ever since — well, figuratively.

She's had her share of drama on the high seas. The beef between Aesha and chef Ryan McKeown has given fans plenty to chew on. "Ryan is the worst that I've worked with because I've worked with chefs before who can be mean and can have their little tantrums, but they're still rational and very talented," she told Showbiz CheatSheet. Aesha has also had her share of romance, especially with deckhand Jack Stirrup. But, sadly, her relationship with Jack didn't work out.

Aesha and Jack's boatmance didn't survive on land

Aesha Scott and Jack Stirrup got hot and heavy during "Below Deck Mediterranean," Season 4. "With his crazy curls, year-round tan, and smooth accent, it is easy to see why Jack is quite the ladies' man," Bravo writes of the deckhand. Aesha certainly appreciated his charms and sparks flew on board the Sirocco when they met. However, she played it cool, keeping Jack on his toes. He won her over in the end, though, and the two began hopping between each other's bunks until she moved into his cabin.

But, like many a whirlwind boatmance, the fling fizzled out after the two set foot back on land. Jack cheated on Aesha, reigniting the relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Kelly Hidge, once he returned to the U.K. She has no regrets, though. "It was a fun time," Aesha told Page Six. "He made doing that season that much more fun, and I loved his company. It was a great time."

Aesha said she's not one to "hold grudges," especially if the person who wronged her is sincere in their apology. She also doesn't harbor any bad feelings towards Jack, sharing that after he'd made it up with his ex, he called her and apologized for his actions. "If someone is sorry and I feel like they're genuine, I'm going to forgive them and move on," she said. And, true to her word, Aesha did move on, snagging herself a new man.

Aesha and Jack have both moved on

Aesha Scott and Jack Stirrup have both moved on with their lives post "Below Deck" whirlwind boatmance. Per Bravo, Jack and his girlfriend, Kelly Hidge, welcomed their first child together in April 2020. She posted photos of their son, Phoenix Sidney Stirrup, on her Instagram. Despite Jack having cheated on her with Kelly, Aesha only had good wishes for the new dad, although they did come with a slight sting. "I'm really happy for him," she told Bravo Insider. "He's quite a child, so I think it'll be really good for him."

Meanwhile, Aesha decided to end the boatmances, though she is continuing with the wanderlust. Aesha's new boyfriend is Scott Dobson, and his love of traveling is equal to hers. According to Aesha, it's not the only thing they share. "He's literally like the male version of me," she told Bravo, albeit a more extreme version.

When they met, Scott was living in an old converted ambulance that he drove around the U.S. on road trips. Luckily, Aesha is used to dwelling in cramped spaces, having lived in yacht cabins for years, because the pair embarked on a three-month trip together — which would put most relationships to the test. However, the couple survived and even flourished. "We talk about [marriage and babies] all the time and spending our life together," Aesha told Page Six. "But it's one of those things where we're not in any rush."