Erika Jayne Isn't Giving Up A Prized Possession So Easily

Erika Jayne, the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star who once sang, "It's expensive to be me," is still in the middle of her many legal battles — including over what and how much of her property she has to fork over to the trustee of her ex-husband Tom Girardi's Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. 

After the allegations of fraud and embezzlement were revealed, Girardi's former law firm, Girardi & Keese, was forced into bankruptcy and apparently owes more than $100 million to creditors, according to People. The court-appointed trustee presiding over the bankruptcy case then sued Jayne for $25 million, the amount they claim Girardi spent on Jayne's entertainment company, EJ Global, according to Radar

Anyone who watches "RHOBH" has seen how much Jayne has downsized from her once lavish lifestyle. Comparatively, of course, she still has entire rooms filled with designer clothes and shoes. But it seems there is one particular item that Jayne has been unwilling to give up. 

Erika Jayne may have filed an appeal over the earrings

As part of the bankruptcy suit, according to Radar, the trustee demanded that Erika Jayne give up a pair of diamond earrings once given to her by Tom Girardi and the judge agreed. The earrings are reportedly worth $1.4 million. However, Radar reports that Jayne has now filed an appeal over that decision, apparently unwilling to part with the diamonds. 

However, another source previously told People that Jayne had already given up the earrings months ago. "It wasn't easy for [Erika] to part ways with something that was sentimental to her, but she knows she needed to do it and she complied," the source reportedly said. "Now that the ruling has happened, she's somewhat relieved a decision has been made and she can officially focus on moving on."

It doesn't look like Jayne herself has said anything about the earrings lately, so we suppose you can just decide for yourself whom you choose to believe.