Fans Reveal Their Least Favorite Summer House Cast Member And It's Not Who You Think

Ever since "Summer House" first aired on Bravo back in 2017, fans have been tuning in to witness all of the trials and tribulations of nine ridiculously good looking people as they try to navigate their personal and professional lives — all while partying like there's no tomorrow in an über luxurious beach house, per IMDb. There have been some highlights along with lowlights along the way — including fans learning the truth about Carl Radke's sobriety journey and the totally different atmosphere during Season 5, thanks mostly to the COVID-19 pandemic. Houseguest Kyle Cooke admitted to E! News that things were different for the cast as they were trying to adhere to all the new protocols put in place while still rolling with the punches. "We were all living there seven days a week and you can't run and hide from any awkwardness or any tension," he said.  Still, that didn't stop everyone from getting their party on for Season 6.

And with every reality television series (and especially on the Bravo network), there are the good guys, the bad guys, and the guys in the middle that just want to keep the peace. That said, a new poll by Nicki Swift finds that there are some "Summer House" cast mates that are less likable than others.

Ciara Miller tops the unlikable list

According to a poll conducted by NickI Swift, 26% (147) of voters believe that "Summer House" star Ciara Miller could use a little retuning in the personality department as she is the least favorite cast member on the hit reality television show. Following behind Miller is Luke Gulbranson with 24% of the vote (135). Both Lindsay Hubbard and Kyle Cooke tied for third place with 18% (105, respectively), while Hannah Berner faired the best with 14% (82). 

So, what does Miller think of all this? Well, back in February, she did admit to Us Weekly that she had a few regrets about her on-air shenanigans, although she didn't have anything bad to say about her former partners, including Gulbranson and Austen Kroll. Miller put it this way: "I just feel like they all bring you to a point where you're at now and like they're either a blessing or a lesson [that can] teach [you] something [or] you learn something, whether it's something that you don't want or something that you do want either." 

In 2022, Kroll was involved in a heated love triangle with Miller and Hubbard. The "Southern Charm" star was ultimately repentant for his behavior, revealing to the Daily Dish (via E! News), "I understand that my selfishness hurt other people's feelings ... and so all I can do is try and do better, you know, learn and grow, of course."