Lamar Odom Has An Eye-Popping Take On Khloé Kardashian's Baby News

Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson's baby news was a mainstay in headlines when it was announced on July 13. A source revealed to E! News that the former couple — who would be welcoming the baby via surrogate — made the decision to have a second child together before their recent separation.

"The baby was conceived via surrogate before it was revealed to Khloe and the public that Tristan was having a baby with someone else in December," the source said to E! News. The insider also told the publication that Kardashian and Tristan "have not spoken outside of co-parenting matters." Days after the reveal, Thompson was spotted holding hands with a mystery woman in Greece, per TMZ. The outlet reports that the NBA player was partying on the island of Mykonos and may have met the unidentified woman at a nightclub the evening before.

Now, Kardashian's ex, Lamar Odom, is speaking out and has made an eyebrow-raising comment about her current debacle.

Lamar Odom says Khloé could have 'hollered at' him for a baby

Lamar Odom has shared an interesting take on the drama between Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson. When asked his opinion on the matter, Odom suggested that he would have gladly fathered Kardashian's second child. "Oh, he got caught cheating again? And they're going to have another baby?" Odom asked a photog in a video obtained by Page Six. "She could have hollered at me for that."

However, Odom's comments are of a much different tune than the recent remark he made about his famous ex. On June 28, he told Page Six, that while Kardashian was "a great wife," he would rather get back together with his other famous ex Taraji P. Henson, if given the chance.

Meanwhile, social media users have slammed Odom for his recent suggestion to Kardashian. "Lamar Odom Is never going to leave Khloe alone lmao," one person tweeted. While another wrote, "One thing about Lamar Odom, he love him some Khloe. Sir, that time is over lol."