Lamar Odom Accuses His Former NBA Management Of Alarming Behavior

Lamar Odom's career track record would imply that he's not hurting for cash. As InTouch Weekly recounts, the former NBA star earned around $115 million during his time as a pro-baller. Odom's prior relationship with Khloé Kardashian also helped him to achieve mainstream celebrity status, and entitled him to some "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" paychecks due to his appearances on the show.

Although Odom has retired from basketball and "KUWTK" has gone off the air, his 826,000 Instagram followers still make him incredibly valuable to advertisers. He's recently been using his account to promote the show "College Hill," which he was recently cast on. In his first post about the series, he thanked his management team, Savvy Girl Consulting, for "always [having his] back."

Unfortunately, according to TMZ, Odom's new managers have not been able to work for him as much as they'd like. He is making shocking allegations against his previous reps, who he claims have taken away his control.

Lamar Odom alleges that his old managers are holding his accounts hostage

In January, Bleacher Report shared that Lamar Odom was co-launching a management group, called "Savvy Talent." According to an interview with TMZ Sports, Odom said that he was starting the group to help prevent young athletes and other talents from making financial mistakes. Unfortunately, Odom's decision to switch his own management to Savvy Girl Consulting — which appears to be affiliated with Savvy Talent — has reportedly been costing him lots of money. 

According to a new report from TMZ, Odom's previous management team has refused to give the baller access to his social media accounts. The outlet's source allege that his original team changed the passwords to Odom's Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook page, and he was never given the new information. If their source is correct, all of Odom's recent social media activity has simply been his previous team pretending to be him. 

This situation is no-doubt frustrating, but it's also been incredibly costly. TMZ went on to share that Odom has around 15 active brand deals that he should be promoting ... but a lack of access to his accounts has prevented him from holding up his end of the deal, causing him to lose around $8,000 per missed post.