Jane Fonda Reveals True Feelings About Her Plastic Surgery History

Few actors carry the gravitas that Jane Fonda does. The Academy Award-winning thespian has a family line of Hollywood royalty. Yet, she also noted in her memoirs that her childhood would later affect certain decisions she made. Per Elle Canada, she blamed herself for her mother's suicide for many years, and in a 2018 interview with The Guardian, she revealed her early trauma came with a price.

The "Grace and Frankie star" shared with The Guardian that her plastic surgery may have been linked to the abuse she faced as a child. Fonda revealed that when she saw a "woman who has made herself into a mask, I always think to myself... I wonder, I wonder." She told the outlet that she was 62 when she finally took ownership of her own body. It's little wonder that in July, the octagenarian vehemently told Yahoo! Life for their "Unapologetically" series, "The issue of women being able to control their bodies — it's about power. It's the ultimate power." 

Although Fonda was talking about the recently overturned Roe v. Wade case, the sentiment remains. She added, "I'm becoming whole. I think that's all that we can do." Part of her becoming her best self meant Fonda has faced her past and the decisions she made to get her where she is today. As such, Fonda recently spoke about her history of plastic surgery.

Jane Fonda is 'not proud' of her facelift

Back in 1978, Jane Fonda told Cosmopolitan, "Being 40 doesn't bother me." But, in the same interview, her friend recounted their anxiety about how audiences would react to her looks in her comeback movie, "Dick and Jane." "I was petrified when the picture started, not knowing what to expect from the audience when Jane appeared onscreen. Then a few people behind me began whispering, 'I love her hair, don't you?' 'Look, she still has a great figure.' And I just burst into tears. I knew that Jane had made it, that she would be able to resume her career," she said.

The actor told The Guardian that her lifelong dedication to fitness and the plastic surgeries helped with the longevity of her career. She said, "They bought me an extra 10 years." Yet, in an August interview with Vogue, Fonda talked about her facelift and shared, "I'm not proud of the fact that I had [one]." The actor also divulged that she "stopped because I don't want to look distorted." 

However, Fonda has embraced her age and realizes that she still has plenty to offer. She wrote on her website while talking about the L'Oréal Paris Age Perfect campaign (via Elle Canada), "They chose me not in spite of my age but because of my age." Fonda has come into her own, and her beauty truly lies in her wisdom.