Selling Sunset's Mary Fitzgerald Gives Sad Update On Her IVF Journey

Mary Fitzgerald didn't get the good news she was expecting. The "Selling Sunset" star has been trying to have a baby with her husband Romain Bonnet for a while now. According to Women's Health, the couple first met back in 2017 while Bonnet was on work trip visiting Los Angeles. "Romain flew out to look at some homes in the area and I was his agent," Fitzgerald said during an interview with the outlet. "We hit it off from there." Shortly after, the pair secretly married in March 2018 at the Ventura Courthouse, per TMZ

Throughout their marriage, the real-estate agent has been very open about her plans to have a child and even discussed some of the struggles she's face along the way as a result of her age. "We're going to freeze the embryos ... so that we can [have them] when the time's right," Fitzgerald told Life & Style. The television personality explained that her fertility was high a year and a half ago, but as she gets older that unfortunately decreases. "It does go down every year when you turn 40, so it's something we are definitely going to prioritize, just in case." 

However, while it wasn't something Fitzgerald was in a rush to do at the time, she is now learning how grueling the process is and even has a devastating update for her fans.

Mary Fitzgerald's first round of IVF was unsuccessful

During an appearance on the "Off The Vine" podcast, Mary Fitzgerald revealed she has to undergo another IVF treatment because her first one was unsuccessful. "We're probably going to start in August or September depending on my body's timeline," she told host Kaitlyn Bristowe. "We're going to do it again." During her first round, only 10 of her 15 eggs were viable. However, those 10 had some complications and only three eggs made it to the end of the process. 

But, unfortunately for Fitzgerald and her husband Romain Bonnet, the last three eggs were not healthy and had several abnormalities which made them unviable options. "We want to wait for a couple more years," she confessed to Bristowe. "He wants to wait ... I want to wait, but we may not have that opportunity because ... I feel so young and I'm not." Fitzgerald has since been encouraging women on social media to go through the embryo freezing process at a younger age and not wait for the last minute. "Please consider doing this at the youngest age possible if you know/think you want to have children," the real-estate agent said in an Instagram video. 

During a January 2021 interview with Us Weekly, Fitzgerald — who already has adult son from a previous relationship — added that she is trying to have a child with Bonnet because she doesn't want to rob him from that experience. "I don't care about having kids anymore," she said.