Victoria Beckham's Feud With Daughter-In-Law Nicola Peltz Is Reportedly Getting Petty

British model and photographer Brooklyn Beckham and American actor Nicola Peltz got married in April, per Elle. The couple met in 2017, but didn't start dating until 2019. In 2020, it was announced that they were engaged. The pair's wedding was held at Peltz's family mansion in Palm Springs, Florida.

"Full wedding prep mode," Brooklyn said in a cooking segment with Vogue a couple months before the big day. "It is a lot of fun and it's strange because the more wedding meetings that we have, the more real it feels." The couple also mentioned that they were having a Jewish wedding, as the "Bates Motel" actor is Jewish.

Peltz also mentioned in June that she wouldn't want to relocate to England, saying, "I love knowing I am so close to my family," per Tatler. The magazine also explained that the Beckham family is used to being in the spotlight, while the Peltz family prefers a more laidback life outside of work. This hints at the rumored feud between Victoria Beckham and Peltz.

Victoria Beckham and Nicola Peltz supposedly 'can't stand each other'

Social media experts noticed that there have been minimal Instagram interactions between the two families, per Daily Mail. For example, there were no likes from Victoria or David Beckham when Nica Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham posted pictures of their wedding, and the couple didn't like Victoria's post celebrating David's wedding anniversary.

"They can't stand each other and don't talk," an insider close to the family told Page Six on August 4. "The build-up to the wedding was horrendous. [Peltz] wouldn't clue Victoria in on anything. Communication was minimal." Another source claimed that the "non-stop petty drama" has caused the Beckham family to not speak to Brooklyn as much.

The feud between the mother and the daughter-in-law could be more of a family power feud, per Mirror. Both families are very close, and it is suggested that Victoria may feel her son slipping away as he becomes a part of the Peltz family. It's also mentioned that the top wedding table was reserved for only Peltz family members, which could add to the drama. We hope these two sides can sort things out and become a combined happy family.