Siesta Key's Kelsey Owens Blasts Show After Unexpected Firing

MTV's reality television show "Siesta Key" has gone through all of the drama, including a best frenemies bond between Kelsey Owens and Juliette Porter. According to Page Six, a feud sparked between the two on the show after Owens made a comment about Porter's then-boyfriend. Porter had enough, and she slapped Owens across the face, leaving her with a bloody lip. Although the ladies apologized to each other later on, Porter mentioned that there's still some bad blood.

"There's not really much of a friendship now," she told Hollywood Life in March. "I see her and we say hi ... But it's always awkward when I see her. I literally never feel comfortable. There's always tension. I feel like every time I'm with her she just looks miserable."

In July, Owens announced that she was going to Miami to bond with the women of the cast, per Screen Rant. Porter didn't attend the get-together. At the time, the producers of "Siesta Key" already told Owens that they wouldn't need her on the show until later in Season 5, but she didn't know this would ultimately lead to a departure.

Kelsey Owens is 'disgusted' over Siesta Key firing

Kelsey Owens from MTV's "Siesta Key" hinted at leaving the show earlier this year, per Us Weekly. Her relationship with Max Strong made her consider moving to Los Angeles, but Owens said that she was staying in Florida as she responded to a fan's question. It now seems that the reality television star will get to move to Los Angeles after all.

"[I] was informed that I will be cut moving forward on Siesta Key with absolutely no warning," Owens said in a lengthy statement on Instagram. The reality television personality said that the way she found out was "mind blowing" and "truly disgusting," especially after all the love and dedication she had for the show. She made sure to thank her fans and her co-stars for the experience at the end of her caption.

Owens' "Siesta Key" co-stars reached out to her via the comment section with only words of love and encouragement, per E! News. "The crown may tilt but never falls!!" Juliette Porter wrote. "We've made some amazing memories I'll never forget despite the ups and downs. Love you forever." Both co-star Madisson Hausburg and boyfriend Max Strong mentioned that the heart she put into the show won't go unnoticed, despite the way she was let go. We wish Owens happiness and success in her new chapter of life.