Vince Gill Gives Emotional Tribute To Wife Amy Grant After Her Serious Accident

Amy Grant was involved in a scary accident in late July after riding over a pothole while riding her bike. As confirmed in a post on her official Instagram account shared on July 29, Grant was rushed to the hospital in the wake of the bike incident, but was thankfully released after two nights and sent home to recover. The popular Christian singer was forced to cancel four upcoming concerts as she focused on her recovery, with her spokesperson telling Fox News Digital that she'd suffered a few cuts and abrasions but was fortunately wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, which prevented further or more serious injuries. People also confirmed the circumstances that surrounded the accident, noting the day after it happened that the star was in a stable condition.

Now, Grant's husband, Christian and country music singer Vince Gill, is sharing an update on how she's really doing, all while treating fans to an emotional performance in her honor alongside someone who's very special to them both.

Vince Gill and his daughter honored Amy Grant

Vince Gill teamed up with his and Amy Grant's daughter, Corinna, for a very special performance. A week after Gill's bike accident on August 5, Gill brought Corinna up on stage at the iconic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville and explained that they'd be performing a very special song in honor of his love while she continued to recover. That song? The touching "When My Amy Prays," which he wrote for her. Gill explained he hadn't performed the song at his recent concerts, but shared, "I thought how sweet it would be for her youngest to sing this song I wrote for her." Corinna showed off her stunning voice as she performed the track for the crowd, even changing the lyrics to sing, "when my mama prays." So sweet!

Video of the touching moment was posted to Grant's Facebook page one day after the performance, as more details about the harrowing ordeal Grant had been through were revealed. The post confirmed Grant had actually been unconscious for around 10 minutes in the wake of the bike incident, though Gill explained to the Music City crowd that she was thankfully now recovering well.

The update came a few days after Grant thanked fans for their prayers and well wishes in another Facebook post. In a statement shared on July 28, Grant's team shared that she was recuperating and encouraged fans to always wear a helmet.