Twitter Has A Lot To Say About Melania Trump Amid The FBI Raid On Mar-A-Lago

Donald Trump's days of talking on Twitter might be over, but that doesn't mean that Twitter is done talking about him. Between the death of his first wife, Ivana Trump, and the ongoing investigation into the January 6 insurrection, the former president remains top-of-mind for many Americans.

The latest news that has everyone talking is the FBI's raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago property in Florida. According to CNN, the FBI had a search warrant for the resort, hoping to learn more about how Trump may have mishandled presidential and classified documents. In a statement, via NPR, Trump lamented the fact that his home was "under siege, raided, and occupied by a large group of FBI agents." He noted that, given his previous cooperation with the investigation, the "unannounced raid" was not "necessary or appropriate."

The New York Times reported on the arrival of many Trump fans outside of the property, blasting songs like "We're Not Gonna Take It" in support of the former president. Twitter, however, was quick to find the humor in the situation, and many jokingly speculated about the role Melania Trump may have played in the raid.

Some Twitter users speculated that Melania tipped off the FBI

NPR noted that such a high-profile raid on the property of a former president would need top approval ... and in order to get that sign-off, investigators would have to have significant evidence that a crime had been committed. This left some wondering where the proof suddenly came from, and if the FBI could have had a spy on the inside.

"It's been confirmed that there was an informant who pointed the FBI in the right direction," one Twitter user jokingly reported. "They only released a first name ... Melania." The humorous tweets come after many speculated throughout Donald Trump's presidency that Melania Trump wasn't the biggest fan of her husband, with some sources even compiling awkward moments between the couple.

While NBC News reported that Donald's lawyer was present at the scene, there's no indication that other members of the Trump family were around. That hasn't stopped many from insinuating that Melania aided in the search. One person put together a script of a faux interaction between Melania and the FBI, suggesting that the former first lady happily provided the code to her husband's safe, as well as clues on where to look. In reality, this is a troubling time for the Trump family, and there's no evidence to suggest that Melania is ready to have the place to herself. Still, it's clear that as we live through history, the Internet will continue to turn it into memes.

Melania was mocked for her comments about January 6

Weeks before Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home was raided by the FBI, Melania Trump spoke about the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill. The former first lady claimed in a statement to Fox News on July 21 she was "unaware" the insurrection was taking place at the time. "Had I been fully informed of all the details, naturally, I would have immediately denounced the violence that occurred at the Capitol Building," she added.

That statement came after her former chief of staff Stephanie Grisham tweeted a screenshot on June 28 of a text conversation between herself and Melania — who was saved in her phone as "MT" — from January 6. Grisham's text encouraged the then-first lady to denounce "lawlessness and violence," to which Melania reportedly responded, "No."

Trump detractors had a field day on Twitter after the FBI's raid. "UPDATE: Melania insists she was unaware of Mar-a-Lago raid while holding photo op," one Twitter user wrote. "Melania doesn't know anything about the FBI raid at Mar a Lago, because she has been busy all day photographing Mr. Trump's rugs," another added. While many delighted at the Trump family troubles, members of the Trump family failed to find the humor in the situation.

Donald Trump's sons weighed in on the FBI raid

Although many social media users delighted in the Trump family's pain after the FBI searched the Mar-a-Lago home, there were plenty who expressed concern for Melania Trump and her children. "I hope Melania and Baron weren't in Mir-A-Lago [sic] during the raid by 30 armed agents in 20 cars. The thought of it alone could scare anyone and invoke nightmares," one Donald Trump supporter tweeted. "Where was Melania during the raid? Was she with 45 in NY? Imagine how terrified she must be!" another concerned Twitter user wrote.

Meanwhile, other children of the former president expressed outrage online. Donald Trump Jr. shared several tweets that showed indignation. He denounced Joe Biden's administration while retweeting a video of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. "Biden and the Dems are following in the footsteps of all the 3rd world Communist Dictators that the left worships," Donald Jr. tweeted. Shortly after, Donald Jr. took aim at the judge who signed off on the warrant for the FBI to search his father's home. "REPORT: Judge Behind Mar A Lago Raid Is Epstein-Linked, Obama Donor," he wrote while retweeting a link. Eric Trump shared similar sentiments as his brother when the raid was announced, tweeting, "We truly live in a third world country!"