The Truth About Rainey Qualley And Lewis Pullman's Relationship

Rainey Qualley and Lewis Pullman share a fated relationship. As noted by Too Fab in May, the actors have a family connection in that both of their parents are Hollywood stars who have worked alongside each other. Qualley's mother is actor Andie MacDowall, and Lewis' father is another thespian, Bill Pullman. These performers played lead roles in the 1997 thriller, "The End of Violence," per IMDb.

During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Qualley opened up about how she first encountered Lewis back in 2020. "We met through two of my best friends," she explained. "They set us up." The actor and musician went on to explain that she and Lewis didn't initially know that their parents had been co-stars in the past, but they soon made this discovery. "And then actually we realized when we had started dating our parents had done a movie together, and we watched it together one night," Qualley said. Not long ago, Qualley and Lewis were seen at an event, marking their first official public appearance together. 

Rainey Qualley and Lewis Pullman have made their debut as a couple

Rainey Qualley and Lewis Pullman are not being shy about cheering each other on amidst their two-year romance. This includes celebrating one of Pullman's recent ventures, starring as Lt. Bob Floyd in the "Top Gun" sequel, "Top Gun: Maverick." As People reported in May, Qualley showed up to the premiere of "Top Gun: Maverick" in San Diego and stood by Pullman's side for the movie's red carpet event. This was the pair's debut as a couple at a public gathering.

Qualley additionally posted photos on Instagram of herself and Pullman at the event and wrote about her joy in seeing Pullman's success. "My heart is so full for Lew!" Qualley wrote. "Such a special day getting to watch my baby shine so bright at the premier of Top Gun Maverick yesterday. ... I can't wait for y'all to fall in love with Bob." 

When she spoke to Entertainment Tonight in July, Qualley further praised her partner's performance in the film. "He's incredible," Qualley said. "I couldn't be more excited for him." In addition to honoring career milestones, Qualley and Pullman are displaying their love for one another with sweet PDA moments.

Rainey Qualley and Lewis Pullman are an affectionate pair

Rainey Qualley and Lewis Pullman are showing off their mutual fondness for one other. Following the pair's red carpet debut in May, Just Jared published a July photo of the two sharing a smooch at the Paraggi Bay in Italy. The two were then photographed during this recent visit to Italy as they went for a walk side by side in Portofino, per the Daily Mail.

In addition, Qualley revealed instances of the two being affectionate through social media in the past. In September 2021, she posted a series of Instagram photos to celebrate one year of her and Pullman's union, captioning the images with the message, "one year with my love." The post consisted of photos documenting memories like the couple enjoying a date night together, as well as the two embracing and kissing. 

In a January 2021 social media post, Qualley also included some PDA-filled pictures of her and Pullman, along with moments with friends, for a birthday tribute to her significant other. "I love you Lew ... very happy you were born," she wrote alongside the images. The pair certainly seems to be crazy in love and proud to be open about their blissful romance!