Dated And Related Season 1 Release Date, Cast, And More Information

For more than 20 years, pop-culture enthusiasts have flocked to their TV sets or laptop screens to immerse themselves in their favorite reality shows. Since the late 1990s, the popular TV genre has continued to grow, with sub-genres featuring shows like "The Real Housewives" franchise, "The Real World," "Survivor," and more.

However, one of the more popular genres to come out of the reality TV boom are romance/dating shows. When it comes to love, TV viewers want in, which has resulted in an array of series about young singletons and their quest for love. From "The Bachelor" and "Love Island," to "Ex On The Beach" and "Married At First Sight," the options are endless for the hopeless romantic.

In recent years, Netflix has entered the dating show fray with addictive and outlandishly niche shows — must we remind you of "Sexy Beasts" Season 1 and Season 2? Now the popular streaming service is adding another jaw-dropping series to its catalogue with "Dated and Related" — and no, it's not what you think.

When will Dated & Related Season 1 premiere?

On August 4, Netflix announced that a new reality TV series, "Dated and Related," was officially on the way. "Get ready for the most awkward dating show in history," the streamer wrote via Twitter. Following in the footsteps of popular shows like "Love Is Blind" and "Too Hot To Handle," the series will feature young singletons headed to a luxurious villa in search of love. However, as with every Netflix reality dating show there's always a unique twist.

This time around, pairs of single siblings will be forced to work together on their quest for love. "Imagine having to think about your sibling dating ... how they flirt, how they treat their partners, and what their signature moves are," the show synopsis reads, per Cosmopolitan. "In this brand new reality dating series, pairs of siblings will be seeing each other's love life up close and personal as they search for the one together."

Fortunately for fans, the premiere date for the 10-episode series isn't far off. According to Netflix, viewers will be able to sink their teeth into "Dated and Related" on September 2.

Who are the lucky singles headed to the villa?

On September 2, viewers will be introduced to the eight related pairs of singletons looking for love on Netflix's new series, "Dated and Related." U.K.-based twins Kaz and Kieran Bishop (30) have their eyes on the prize: love. While the two share similar looks, the pair differs in dating styles. "Heartthrob firefighter and self-confessed player, Kaz, can't stop playing the field. Kieran wears his heart on his sleeve," according to Netflix (via Cosmopolitan). Kaz and Kieran aren't the only twins to join the bunch.

Norway-based twins Diana and Nina Javidi Parsijani (29) are also searching for love with similar traits to the aforementioned British twins. "Hopeless Diana falls in love easily and is quickly left hurt by men. On the other hand, heartbreaker and ice queen Nina is rarely single," E! News reported.

While both sets of twins offer differing perspectives in terms of their dating habits, siblings Corrina Roppo (23) and Joey Roppo (28) are cut from the same cloth. "This duo are hopeless romantics and both are looking for their forever partner who they can settle down with," Netflix's description notes. However, amongst their various preferences, their ultimate dating rule comes down to one thing: their potential partner must be "super hot." Maybe "smoking hot siblings" Daniel (25) and Julia Perfetto (21) will cross off the Roppos' boxes. "Daniel and Julia are used to having people swoon over them, so it'll be no surprise when everyone's falling at their feet in the villa," the streamer teases.

Here are the singles rounding out the Dated & Related cast

Netflix's "Dated and Related" cast will also feature New Jersey-based cousins Chris Hahn (27) and Jason Cohen (27). Described as "South Jersey's most popular duo," the two competitive singletons are ready to master the art of love. We have a feeling sisters Mady (20) and Lily Bajor (22) may fall in Chris and Jason's line of sight during their time in the villa. "The Bajor sisters are everything but predictable! Mady and Lily thrive on spontaneity and people are instantly drawn to their positive, care-free energy," Netflix says (per Grazia Daily).

The second to last pair to join the sun-kissed festivities are Florida natives Dyman (25) and Devon Miller (21). The best friend siblings are described to "have each other's backs and are extremely supportive in what the other chooses." Their stay in the villa will also be a time for celebration due to Devon turning 21 and Dyman eager to show him the ropes of the dating world.

Similarly to Dyman and Devon, London-based siblings Ceylan (25) and Alara Taneir (22) are also described as a "best friend sibling duo" who are incredibly close. Like Devon, Alara is also dipping her feet into the dating pond for the first time. "Alara, a whirlwind of energy and emotion, was a late bloomer in the world of dating and sex," Netflix's bio says (per In Touch) Maybe these two pairs of best friends siblings will make a perfect match?

Dating & Related will be full of shocking moments

With the September 2 premiere of "Dated and Related" right around the corner, reality TV fans can expect a show full of dramatic twists and turns. Based on the jaw-dropping teaser trailer (above), the forthcoming series will feature an array of awkward interactions between the siblings. "How do you feel about me and him maybe sharing a bed?" Alara Taneri asks her brother Ceylan, to which he responds: "It's gonna be weird." In another scene, Corrina and Joey Roppo are shown having dinner with Kaz and Kieran Bishop. After the twins ask what's on the menu, Corrina is heard saying, "I don't know, maybe me?" which results in an uncomfortable look from Joey.

Since the release of the trailer, some of the show's cast members have expressed their excitement over the forthcoming series. "Finally!!!... I've been dying to let this secret out... What an experience this was, and the best part is I got to do it all with my bro [Kaz]," Kieran Bishop wrote via Instagram. Nina and Diana Javidi Parsijani echoed similar sentiments in their own Instagram post, writing, "Hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did. Watch our crazy journey because it's been a bumpy ride!"

Buckle up! It looks like "Dated and Related" is going to be dating show unlike any other.