Real Girlfriends In Paris Season 1 Release Date, Cast, And More Information

If there is one thing Bravo does really well, it's reality TV trainwrecks. "Million Dollar Listing"? Check. "Below Deck"? Check. "Southern Charm"? Double check. "Real Housewives"? Triple check. So, brace yourself, folks. There's a whole new trainwrecktastic reality TV show coming your way, and it's gonna be hella messy. "Real Girlfriends In Paris" looks capable of chewing up and spitting out even the biggest beefs on "Real Housewives" and packing more punch than a South Carolina picnic hamper.

"Six bold twentysomething American women experience their wildest adventure yet in the most beautiful city in the world, Paris!" the show summary reads. The network shares that the "good time" girls are never tardy for the party, some are on the hommes hunt, and all are looking for their own personal Parisian je ne sais pas.

A bunch of ballsy and outspoken, good-time girls from the U.S. prowling the snooty streets of gay Paris? Enchanté! The possibilities for drama and comedic culture clashes are seemingly endless. Get ready to pop the popcorn and boil the tea, because we've got tous les détails on "Real Girlfriends in Paris" Season 1.

What's the release date of Real Girlfriends In Paris Season 1?

While fans eagerly await Netflix's "Emily In Paris" Season 3 to drop, they can continue enjoying the self-proclaimed City of Love, thanks to Bravo's "Real Girlfriends in Paris." The two shows are sort of the same, but totally different. "Real Girlfriends" premieres on Monday, September 5 at 9.15 p.m. Every week, new episodes will also be available to watch the next day on NBC's streaming platform, Peacock.

According to the network press release, viewers will be transported to "the City of Lights" — sorry, Bravo. It's actually The City of Light, singular, not "Lights," plural. Mon Dieu! — following a lovely cruise around the scenic med. Because "Real Girlfriends in Paris" is scheduled to air directly after "a super-sized" episode of the reality smash hit, "Below Deck Mediterranean." So, you can travel the world without ever leaving the comfort of your La-Z-Boy.

Bravo claims the "Real Girlfriends" will experience "their wildest adventure yet" while in Paris. (They've clearly never attended a "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" psychic dinner party from hell at Camille Grammer's house before.) Thankfully, unlike most of the "Real Housewives," the "Real Girlfriends In Paris" cast is going to be "[living] their best lives and [chasing] their ultimate dreams," all while working and dating in a foreign country that's about as culturally different from the U.S. as you can get. Oh, and battling "unavoidable conflicts," of course. So, who is the "Real Girlfriends in Paris" cast?

Who's the cast of Real Girlfriends in Paris Season 1?

Say bonjour to the "Real Girlfriends In Paris" cast. "Quirky" Anya Firestone knows Paris inside out, and has appointed herself the group's mother hen. She lives with her fiance and pampered pooch, who doubles as an underarm accessory. Margaux Lignel also knows her way around. The New Yorker was born to wealthy French parents. She bounced between Manhattan and Paris during breaks from the world's most exclusive schools. She's desperate to escape her parents' shadow but hasn't got a clue where to even start.

Like Lignel, Adja Toure comes from an Ivy League background too. She has family around the globe, but's decided to hang her beret in Paris. Girlfriend's working her way through some serious "trust issues" from the past — maybe she needs a Frenchman to put her at ease. Emily Gorelik also loves her some handsome hommes. The Jersey girl went on an NYU post-grad Parisian vacay and never left. When Gorelik isn't painting the town rouge, she's studying hard so she can expand her mom's design empire into Europe.

Victoria Zito has a passion for design too. She fled small-town Texas life for the bright lights of Paris to pursue her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Zito's hit her career goals, and now she wants to focus on creating some couple ones. Meanwhile, Kacey Margo is just trying her best to stay in France. The So-Cal transplant is teaching English, but she's struggling to secure a visa.

More information about Real Girlfriends in Paris Season 1

Bravo has released a sneak peek video of "Real Girlfriends In Paris," and buckle up folks; you're in for a rollercoaster ride. All the women are definitely giving it their best shot despite sticking out like sore thumbs. Margaux Lignel attempts to bestow some U.S. positivity onto the notoriously pessimistic Parisians. Clad in a silk wrap, she flings open the balcony shutters of her apartment. "Bonjour mes voisins!" Lignel yells at the confused crowd walking below. Later, she drunkenly hangs out of a stretch limo window clutching a bottle of champers. "Eiffel M**her f**king tower," she screams at passers-by, presumably just in case they hadn't spotted it.

Meanwhile, devout Francophile Anya Firestone believes wholeheartedly that Paris is the only place to be. Although, she admits her decision to take the five women under her wing has become a "full-time job." And, Firestone will have to clock some serious overtime if she wants to achieve her goal of finding "nice, young" French boyfriends for her charges to settle down with. Kacey Margo proves what an uphill battle it'll be.

She busts out with some of her best lines during a speed-dating session in a bar. "Are you excited for the new 'Spiderman' movie?" Margo asks the bewildered-looking man sitting opposite her. However, Victoria Zito has no issues scoring her some man action. She insists it's super easy to date in Paris. "Everyone's horny," Zito decrees as she makes out like a bandit. Zut alors!