Derek Jeter And A-Rod Reveal Where Their Rocky Friendship Stands Today

If you know one thing about Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez's friendship, it's probably that the two haven't exactly seen eye to eye for years now. The two baseball superstars have quite the history of drama behind them, with A-Rod even on record throwing what appeared to be a little shade Jeter's playing ability way back in a 2001 Esquire interview.

Their rocky relationship then entered the spotlight once again more than a decade later when the documentary "The Captain" came to ESPN and took a deep dive into the twosome's frosty past. In the series, Jeter suggested he fell out with his former Yankees teammate after he made the controversial remarks about his ability as a baseball player. "You can say whatever you want about me as a player. That's fine," Jeter said, per Daily Beast, "But then it goes back to the trust and the loyalty. 'This is how the guy feels? He's not a true friend,' is how I felt. Because I would not do that to a friend." As for Rodriguez? He appeared to stand behind his past remarks while Jeter made it clear he's no fan of letting people back into his life after he feels they've crossed him.

But has Jeter just done a U-turn on that stance? The two are speaking about where they really stand today — and it looks like they've scored a home run in the rekindling a friendship department.

Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter's reconciliation

No foul balls here! It looks like friendship is back on the cards for Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter. The twosome appeared together (a big step in itself!) on ESPN2's "Kay-Rod Cast" on August 14, with A-Rod sharing that he and his former teammate actually met up a couple of months before the interview to bury the hatchet over a few drinks. A-Rod shared that he had some regrets over what went down with his fellow athlete, as Jeter profoundly explained, "You move on. You learn. Things happen in life. [I] lost one of my best friends in Gerald Williams and you realize life is short. You don't hold grudges anymore and you move on."

Rodriguez seemed pretty happy to bury the hatchet with his old pal. He shared a snap of the two sitting alongside Kay on Instagram, captioning it, "Had a blast tonight catching up and going down memory lane with The Capt. Thanks Derek for taking the time to stop by." As for Jeter, he shared a photo of them on set to his Instagram Stories and thanked the twosome for having him, also tagging their accounts.

Ahh. We love a happy ending. After all, there's no crying in baseball.