Larsa Pippen Opens Up About Dating Difficulties After Scottie Pippen Divorce

Dating after a divorce can be hard. Especially if you've been married for decades, how is a person supposed to find somebody else to fill their place? This is the question "Real Housewives of Miami" star Larsa Pippen, who's divorce from basketball legend Scottie Pippen was finalized in December 2021, according to Us Weekly, is asking herself right now. 

The Pippens' divorce wasn't official until three years after they actually split, which means Larsa has had at least three years to try and find someone new — if that's something she's interested in. Speaking to fellow reality star "RHONJ's" Melissa Gorga on her podcast "On Display," Larsa admitted she's found the dating scene more difficult than she originally thought it would be. "I was married to this really famous guy that was really cute that had a good body, that was really successful that gave me four gorgeous kids," Larsa said. "So where the hell are you going to find a guy that can fill in? Doesn't have to be all of them... but a few of those boxes. It's kind of hard."

However, Larsa's outlook isn't completely bleak — as it turns out, she has found a silver lining.

Larsa Pippen says she's happier living alone

Larsa Pippen told Melissa Gorga via "On Display" that she's had to have a bit of a Come-to-Jesus moment when it comes to the future of her romantic life. "I thought it was going to be easier, to be honest with you," Pippen admitted. "And then once I started dating I'm like, I'm going to have to come to the realization that I'm not going to get it all. I had a great run, I had a great relationship ... you know I was married for 23 years." 

Even so, when Gorga asked if Pippen ever regrets the divorce, she said she'd rather be single than unhappy. "I feel like for me I'm happier alone," Pippen said. "It's kind of messed up but I am, I'm happier alone." Pippen explained that relationships can be great but they're hard work, and she's not racing to jump right back into another one. "My whole adult life I was like chasing behind a man, do you know what I mean?" Pippen said that after years of taking care of someone else, now she can just be comfortable. 

Pippen has also talked single life and moving on from her marriage on "Real Housewives of Miami." In the Season 4 premiere (via People), she said, "I put so much into my marriage but it just wouldn't get better." These days, she's ready for a new chapter. "I'm proud of who I am today."