How Jason Oppenheim Really Feels About Christine Quinn Leaving Selling Sunset

Christine Quinn will not be returning to Netflix's hit series "Selling Sunset" for Season 6 or 7, according to TMZ, but the drama is still in full swing. Production for the new season reportedly began this summer and the new season will feature all of the show's original cast members — minus Quinn. The former Netflix star recently left The Oppenheim Group after deciding to launch her own real estate brokerage, RealOpen, with her husband Christian Richard in April, per People. Her future when it came to "Selling Sunset" quickly became unknown after her exit from the brokerage.

Sources told TMZ that Quinn is focusing on her own business endeavors instead of returning to the show. When she originally left the brokerage earlier this year, she told People that Jason Oppenheim was aware for over a year that she was "doing her own thing" and working on opening her own brokerage, although that was never said or shown on the show. Quinn has been open about the show's supposedly fake storylines on social media and in the news.

Although she received major backlash after Season 5 for her behavior, she told People she hasn't even bothered watching the series and explained, "I know what happens in real life... so I don't need to go rewatch something that isn't reality." Although the other cast members have remained quiet about Quinn's exit, Oppenheim has finally broken his silence on the matter.

Jason Oppenheim supports Christine Quinn's Selling Sunset exit

Christine Quinn seems to be focused on her own business ventures, but that didn't stop "Selling Sunset" fans from wondering if she would return for Season 6. It appeared that there may not be a place for her on "Selling Sunset" following her exit from The Oppenheim Group, but her future on the show remained unknown to viewers until recently. Sources confirmed to TMZ that Quinn would not be returning to the show for seasons 6 and 7 and her former boss, Jason Oppenheim, has since opened up about how he really feels about her exit.

"I'll advise and support, but I would never get upset at anyone for leaving," Oppenheim told Page Six. "I want the best for Christine. If she thinks that's best, then I support that." He also explained that he knows she is working on her own thing and that he has "supported her in that."

While fans may think their favorite Netflix series and the drama it brings will calm down following Quinn's exit, Oppenheim is warning otherwise. He revealed to Page Six that two new women have been added to the cast, saying, "I have zero concerns about Seasons 6 and 7 being the best. ... I don't want to use the word 'villain,' but I think there's gonna be interesting dynamics." Season 6 is currently in the middle of production, so fans will have to stick around to see how everything plays out without Quinn.