Nicole Kidman's Latest Photos Have Everyone Saying The Same Thing

As an A-list actor, Nicole Kidman has always maintained a killer physique. Her break-out role in "Moulin Rouge" saw her playing a nightclub star, with her stunning figure helping to make her famous. In her latest roles, she's even had to become superhuman. Kidman is set to play a role in DC's upcoming "Aquaman" film. When some pointed out that she may be a bit young for her role as the mother of Aquaman (portrayed by a 43-year-old Jason Momoa), Kidman confidently cleared the air. "In the superhero world, it all evens out," she's quoted as saying by the Mirror. "Atlanna doesn't really age." 

Playing an ageless mermaid could be an intimidating ask for most 55-year-olds, but Kidman consistently proves she's up to the task. She's been very open about her diet and exercise routines over the years, placing an emphasis on not being too restrictive. "I pretty much eat anything, but all in moderation," she shared with the Los Angeles Times. She broke things down a bit more specifically for Women's Health. "I'm not someone that believes in denial," she explained. "It's walking a path that's ultimately 80 percent healthy, 20 percent...sometimes it falls to 70." She also shared that she loves running, cycling, yoga, and meditation. 

One thing's for sure: She's found her perfect routine. Kidman's latest magazine pictures had all of our jaws on the floor, and the internet had a lot to say. 

Nicole Kidman stunned in her Perfect magazine shoot

Perfect Magazine set the internet ablaze when they posted a sneak preview of Nicole Kidman's shoot to their Instagram. The picture, which features the actor flexing in designer Diesel wear, perfectly shows off Kidman's muscle and stone-cold determination. The stunned commenters made it perfectly clear that, even decades into her career, Kidman's still got it. "Hands down the best shoot she has done," wrote one fan. 

Kidman seemed happy with the photos, too, taking to her own account to share more of the images. Fans couldn't get enough of the actors poses and physique. Fellow actor Naomi Watts provided some hype: "Wowza all of these pics!! And those abs nic!!!" If there was any doubt that Kidman was capable of playing a timeless character, those fears have been firmly squashed. "I was thinking This was a throwback shoot from 97-98! Wow," someone shared. 

Others thought her new look was worthy of a film of its own. "I need to see her in a MAJOR Sci fi film now!" wrote one fan. Twitter was equally amazed, with one fan tweeting, "We need a movie for this character asap."