What Is Brooke Hogan Up To Now?

Brooke Hogan was once an unstoppable force on reality TV and an up-and-comer in the music industry, but the daughter of iconic wrestler Hulk Hogan is a headliner no more. What happened to her big-time status? What's she been doing?

As it turns out, Brooke has been busy — very busy. She's battling bullies, and she's got her eye on a famous fighter. Her engagement? That's over. And her mama drama? She's over that too. The same can be said for those embarrassing scandal involving her dad. Instead, Brook is focusing her time and energy on redefining beauty, fine-tuning her music, and putting her pop through his paces at the gym. From a top-secret project to an all-hands-on-deck search for her missing dog, Brooke's life is proving as interesting–and controversial–as ever. 

You won't believe what Brooke Hogan is up to now. Hint hint: fish tacos, fashion, and feminist ideals are all in the mix. Check it out.

She's been bullied online

The internet can be a cruel place, particularly if you're a celebrity. "I've gotten, 'Her jaw could crush rocks,' and 'She's so tall she looks like a tranny,'" Brooke told People, recalling nasty online comments. "Being Hulk Hogan's daughter, you definitely don't come out 110 lbs. and petite," she quipped. "It's always been that I'm muscular, I'm 5'10"."

Brooke's figure has been a hot topic for years, but she's tried to keep the focus on a body-positive dialogue, even when discussing diet and workout programs. "I want to always look healthy, not anorexic," she told OK! magazine. "I love my body. Thick or not, I'm firm. I don't have cellulite. I'm happy with how I am. People should know, I'm only doing the diet for the entertainment business. It's not really what you're supposed to look like in real life."

She's definitely a daddy's girl

Brooke is clearly a daddy's girl, even if she has a funny way of showing it. She once compared her pops and his wrestling buddy, Ric Flair, to "cockroaches," telling People. "They could survive like a nuclear whatever... They're immortal."

She also talked about her dad's resiliency following his high-profile invasion of privacy lawsuit against Gawker Media. The company published a video showing Hulk Hogan having sex with a friend's wife, reported The New York Times. After four years of legal wrangling, Gawker reached a $31 million settlement with Hulk in 2016. Brooke told People her dad is "definitely a strong individual." He's a "great dad," she said. "Everybody messes up...Don't judge someone for sinning differently than you do." The lawsuit "led to something positive that protects other people in the future," she added.

This father-daughter duo appears to be closer than ever. Brooke says they often ride bikes together to the gym, work out, then grab fish tacos and chill at the beach. "To this day, he will make me puke at the gym," she added. She also hinted that her dad could make a long-awaited return to the WWE ring. "I will say this, he is capable of anything..."

She broke off her engagement

In November 2013, Brooke broke off her engagement with former Dallas Cowboy Phil Costa. According to TMZ, the pair got engaged in Las Vegas in June of that year, but she called it off after supposedly realizing it was moving too fast. 

By 2014, she was spotted getting cozy with a new guy. The Daily Mail published photos of Hogan and a mystery man canoodling at the Floyd Mayweather vs Marcos Maidana fight in Los Angeles. At the time, she bragged on social media that the "best bf ever" did really well picking out her birthday gift: a designer watch with a turquoise face.

She's defended her father after he used racial slurs

In 2015, Hulk Hogan found himself at the center of a controversy when a sex tape he starred in captured him using racial slurs. According to Us Weekly, Hulk was fired from the WWE, his name was removed from the company's website, and his merchandise was also tossed. He was also plucked from the WWE reality show Tough Enough. "Hulk has apologized to all of his fans," his attorney said in a statement. "And we can only ask for forgiveness and understanding at this point."

While the public continued to go berserk over the video and its content, Brooke came to his defense on Facebook via a sentimental photo collage and a poem that read, in part: "If you knew the dad I knew / you'd know his tender heart. He'd never want to hurt his fans / or family from the start. If you knew my father / you would know how hard he fought.../ and the way it brought a smile to people light, medium and dark." 

She's still got music on her mind

It's no secret that Brooke desperately wants a music career. Fans captured her struggle to find a hit song on her now defunct reality show, Brooke Knows Best, which was a spin-off of her family's show, Hogan Knows Best

She put out two albums. Undiscovered (2006) showcased the single "About Us," featuring Paul Wall. That song climbed the charts and peaked at No. 33, according to Billboard. Her sophomore effort in 2008, The Redemption, didn't go over well with critics, but she's still at it. In July 2017, Hogan released the single "Taste Like Summer." If you haven't heard it, well, that should tell you something.

She landed her own version of Top Model

If you've been missing Brooke Hogan, look no further than Amazon Prime. In the summer of 2017, the streaming service announced it was picking up The Fashion Hero with Hogan as the host. "It's like Top Model, but real people," she told Sway in the Morning. "So it's taking the pressure off of fitting into that box of 'I have to be stick skinny and I've got to be this way.'" Contestants aren't eliminated; they're nominated to be the spokesperson for a fashion brand. (Her "Taste Like Summer" tune is featured on the show, too.)

The series is near and dear to Hogan's heart. "I've been called everything, so I personally connected to this mission, and I just think it's so cool that we can start changing how people define beauty," she told People. "Because kids are literally killing themselves, or developing eating disorders, trying to fit into a box. We're not all mannequins. There's no possible way that we could live up to that standard. So it was like a passion project for me."

No more drama with mama

Brooke and her mother, Linda Hogan, have famously butted heads over the years, like in 2009, when she was pissed about her mom dishing on her breast augmentation surgery. 

"We don't talk...I feel betrayed," she told E! News. "I look at the things she's released and said about me and I'm like, how could I ever trust her again? How could I ever look at her and be like, 'You kind of threw me in front of the bus in front of the whole world'... I'm just looking at how my dad's treating me and how my mom's treating me, and my mom has kind of backstabbed me a couple times."

It seems like these two have since mended fences. Linda helped search for Brooke's missing dog, and she routinely tweets about her daughter's adventures.

She's working on a secret project

In November 2017, a 29-year-old Brooke told Sway in the Morning that she's doing something really cool for women in the wrestling industry.

"Everybody's asking me about it," she said. "It started with just me and some of my friends–Roddy Piper's daughter, Kerry Von Erich's daughter, a couple daughters, we all grew up and are about the same age–kind of just being, like, there's no space for women to really be respected and put in the spotlight in the wrestling industry. We were brainstorming. One thing led to another...it's super top secret...It's so empowering women!"

We're waiting for the big reveal, Brooke, and we're in your corner.

She's got her eye on Ronda Rousey

Her father has stepped into the ring with some incredible people during his wrestling career, but could Brooke be looking for a tag-team partner of her own? TMZ caught up with Brooke and her actress pal Ariel Teal Toombs, daughter of the late, great pro wrestler "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. The wrestling progeny are clearly fans of Mixed Martial Arts fighter Ronda Rousey and would love to see her in the WWE ring. "I think she's an icon of her time, and I think it would be really fun for Brooke and I to tag team with her," Toombs said. 

Brooke joked that her dad may be the only person who could successfully take on Rousey in the ring. "I just don't know if she'd want to wear all the girly hot pink Spandex and flip her hair around a little," she said. "Who knows?" 

She led a very public campaign to find her lost dog

When Brooke Hogan's 11-year-old Pomeranian, Molly, ran away from her dog-sitter in April 2017, she took to social media to organize a massive search party throughout Van Nuys, Calif. According to TMZ, Hulk Hogan also took to Twitter to spread the word: "Van Nuys HULKAMANIACS, help please, Brooke's dog Molly is lost near Columbus Ave, hit me if u find her, please look 4her, love u Maniacs. HH." 

Days later, Molly and Brooke were reunited thanks to a Good Samaritan, reported TMZ. The unidentified reportedly person scooped up the pooch and posted her picture to a lost-dog website. Brooke later posted a video thanking everyone for their search efforts and acknowledging the family who took Molly in, fed her chicken and bottled water, and even introduced her to a boyfriend named Coco. "Needless to say, she is grounded," Brooke said, "and also getting a lot of treats and a lot of love."