Busta Rhymes Totally Lashes Out At Fan For Touching Him

From his past alleged violence, to his feud with 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes isn't known for holding back his true feelings. In 2009, the rapper reportedly had to hand over a whopping $75,000 after he allegedly assaulted a concertgoer, per the New York Post. Apparently, the concertgoer had his bets on seeing rapper Fabolous at a 2003 show. And once he stood up to exit, Rhymes wasn't pleased. 

When Rhymes asked, "You didn't hear me say, 'Get down?'" the concertgoer responded, "I don't got to move." Rhymes replied, "I'm not good for you?" The concertgoer claimed the hitmaker then threw numerous water bottles at him. On top of that, Rhymes' bodyguard allegedly punched him. Now, Rhymes appears to be caught in the midst of another incident at one of his shows — and the "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See" rapper is adamantly telling fans to put their hands away. 

Busta Rhymes made his physical boundaries crystal clear

A recent TikTok video shows a concertgoer trying to grab Busta Rhymes. After the rapper slapped her hand away, he confronted the man next to her, saying, "Ayo, shorty, you're with your man, right? That's your girl? What kinda s*** are you on that you're gonna let her continue to grab me up?" The crowd went wild, as Rhymes continued, "See, I'm a grown man. I'll f*** your girl, bro. I don't want to f*** your girl. Tame your girl." The pair stood in silence, as Rhymes kept scolding her for disrespecting his physical boundaries. In conclusion, he said, "She ain't from my day. In my time, we didn't f*** with all these cameras, homie. Take your girl and tell her to stand behind you."

In the comments section, some fans thought that Rhymes went too far with his reaction. One user wrote, "He could've backed up or waved off a no. Busta did to much w/this he ain't 20 no more to be extra like that. it screams senior citizen attitude." Another person said, "He went overboard, he could've slapped her hand and kept it moving. He didn't have to embarrass them like that." 

On September 7, Rhymes will receive the BMI Icon Award at its 2022 R&B/Hip-Hop Awards. And, according to Ticketmaster, Rhymes will also be performing at New York's Rolling Loud Festival in September. Hopefully, the drama won't repeat itself at either of these upcoming events.