Fans Really Wish This A-Lister Would Join Social Media

A-listers, they're just like us! Sometimes they drink a little too much, take to social media, share TMI, and then wake up the following day mortified. OK, A-listers are not just like us — unless we include Elon Musk and his Twitter dramas and controversies.

Despite the vast majority of A-listers maintaining a professional social media presence, they still allow the hoi polloi to take a peek inside their lives. Oh, and like other humans, they also still mess up occasionally.  Ariana Grande shared a pic of her new Asian hand tattoo and was promptly Twitter schooled on its English translation: "Japanese BBQ" (via Bored Panda). Then there was the time Robin Thicke posted a pic on Instagram of himself and a female fan posing in front of a giant mirror. Sadly for Thicke, the mirror's reflection clearly showed his hand up her skirt, getting his grope on. Thicke and his wife Paula Patton divorced not long after the photo fail.

Still, many celebs use their fame to help others and utilize social media for the greater good. How else could fans keep up with the Kardashians' selfies without Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter? Yet, plenty of celebrities still shy away from sharing their thoughts in 280 characters or less, and fans really wish this A-lister would join social media.

Fans really want more of George Clooney

Nicki Swift asked readers, "Which celebrity do you wish would join social media?" 595 ballots were cast, and the fans' votes made for a close A-lister race. There was literally only one vote between each ofthe top three. Still, there's no need for endless recounts or cries of rigged elections, as it's not all that surprising who scored the number one spot.

With 18.15% of the vote, George Clooney is the A-lister most fans wish would join social media. 108 respondents would like to know Swooney Clooney's innermost thoughts, wants, and desires. And perhaps gawp at silver fox selfies and super cute kid pics. Snapping at Clooney's heels with 107 votes is an equally hot Hollywood hunk. 17.98% of fans are hankering for Brad Pitt to sign up to social, presumably to learn his thoughts on the catastrophic famine looming across East Africa — or check out sexy Pitt pics. Scarlett Johansson is a close third, scoring 17.82% of the tally. 106 fans want the actor to lay herself bare across multiple platforms. 

In fourth place, with 100 votes, is Jennifer Lawrence. 16.81% hunger for her to share some social media words of wisdom. Mila Kunis scored 15.46%. Kunis' hubby, Ashton Kutcher, has been a social media fixture since the beginning of time, but 92 fans long to learn more about his wife. Emma Stone came in last, with 13.78% of the votes. She's "The Favorite" choice for only 82 people.