Everything We Know About Mikhail Gorbachev's Death

Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev has died at 91, according to Russian state media on August 30. The cause of death was due to "a severe and prolonged illness," as a hospital in Moscow stated, per CNN.

News of the former political leader's death comes nearly a month after he was hospitalized for kidney complications. At the time of his admittance, a spokesperson for Gorbachev confirmed that he had been undergoing treatment for his kidney for several years, but did not provide additional details on the politician's condition. 

Gorbachev was widely known for dissolving the Iron Curtain and creating partnerships with Western governments. The former president of the USSR is also credited with ending the Cold War peacefully, which led to the Soviet Union's fall and his resignation in 1991. According to Reuters, the famed leader is set to be buried next to his wife at Moscow's Novodevichy Cemetery, per his family's wishes.

Gorbachev dealt with many health complications over the years

Mikhail Gorbachev's death may seem sudden to some, but it appears the political icon has been dealing with health complications for years. In 2014, the former Soviet leader was hospitalized following a general check-up, but vowed to regain his health. "My state of health has been moderate for a week and today I am in hospital. My health is deteriorating," he told RIA Novosti agency (via The Times of Israel). "You know my character. I am determined to fight for my life," he further added. Five years later, NDTV reported that Gorbachev was hospitalized again and was being treated for pneumonia. Gorbachev himself later confirmed his condition but suggested that he had fully recovered. 

Following his passing, Gorbachev's supporters have taken to social media to share tribute to the politician. "The only Soviet leader I ever liked. RIP to a great man," one person tweeted. Another wrote, "He did great for the world and Russia, [too] bad all he did is basically gone."

Current Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has yet to address Gorbachev's death.